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Aviation – Airbus Announces Off for A380 – Economy

  • The aircraft manufacturer Airbus has the end for its giant plane A380 announced.
  • The last machine should be delivered in 2021.
  • The reason is that there are not enough customers for the plane.

The European aviation and defense company Airbus represents the production of the world's largest passenger jet A380 on. After the Arabian airline Emirates reduced its order, there was no basis for continuing production, Airbus said in Toulouse. The last delivery for the A380 be planned for 2021. Emirates, the largest A380-Kunde, had decided instead of 162 only 123 machines of the type to buy. 14 jets are now to be delivered to the airline. Emirates announced in a response to conclude with Airbus a new deal in the amount of $ 21.4 billion.

The passenger jet has long been a major concern for the company. In recent years, hardly an airline had ordered a model. Airbus threatened to run out of orders. The group reduced the annual production of temporarily up to 30 machines to only six. The airline Qantas last canceled eight ordered machines.

Aviation The pride of Airbus - simply disassembled

The pride of Airbus – simply disassembled

Two barely used A380 large aircraft can no longer find takers. Now the owner sells them probably in parts.

As a result of the decision of Emirates, there is no significant order back more, Airbus CEO Tom Enders said a message. Airbus will hold talks with the social partners over the next few weeks on the 3,000 to 3,500 jobs that could be affected over the next three years. But there will be plenty of opportunities for internal job changes.

The decision is a blow to Airbus, but should be a boon to US rival Boeing. So the biggest European aircraft manufacturer had hoped for the Boeing machines of the series 747 with the A380Passenger jets and revolutionize air traffic in times of passenger increases. Instead, airlines were holding back orders for the giant machines, the size of which required new runways and converted terminals at airports. The wide-body aircraft have been in operation since 2008, with more than 500 passengers accommodated in them.

Parts of the air giant are manufactured at Airbus sites in Germany – including Hamburg, Bremen, Stade and Augsburg. Because of the slowdown in orders for the A380, there are already thousands of jobs nationwide in the balance.

Aviation An ailing giant diesimages

An ailing giant dies

Actually, the giant planes of Airbus 40 years bring money. In fact, the history of the A380 is a single descent.



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