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Avignon Off. History Trial of a Nazi

by archyw

Captured by the Israeli secret services, in 1960, in Buenos Aires, where he had lived under an assumed name for ten years, the Nazi Adolf Eichmann was executed on May 31, 1962. Joseph Kessel reported on the trial of this organizer of the ” final solution “. It is this story adapted by Ivan Morane who, alone on the stage, transmits with emotion and restraint the words of the writer. Numerous documents and recordings bear witness to this extraordinary trial. Here, no “Realistic reconstruction on stage”, explains Ivan Morane. Only a small table is intended for Kessel, who speaks, facing a “glass cage” in which Eichmann is supposed to be, who answers the judges for his actions. Coldly, he speaks of death convoys, roundups of Jews, as part of the work of a meticulous official. Monstrous. G. R.

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