Avignon reinforces its signage prohibiting trucks over 3.5 tonnes under the Saint-Bénézet bridge

In two years, the Pont d’Avignon suffered four heavy vehicle collisions, the last on April 19. Each time, extensive and costly repair work is carried out. However, the ban on heavy goods vehicles on the Boulevard de la Ligne and the Rhône has always been in force, but this time, the municipality has decided to remind it firmly by more conspicuous panels.

This decision was made for avoid a new hang-up of the arch of the Saint-Bénezet bridge, which overhangs the boulevard, underlines Fabrice Martinez Tocabens, deputy mayor in particular for traffic: “The decision was taken to reinforce the signage with large, extremely visible yellow panels. Three have been positioned: one on Place Saint-Lazare, one on Doctor Pons’ route and another on what is called the tourist bus service, near the Saint Bénezet bridge “.

Beyond reinforced signage, a project of gallows on both sides of the bridge

“Whichever side you are coming from, there is strong signage reminding heavy goods vehicles that they are prohibited from passing. We have positioned them in places where they can still make U-turns. continues Martinez Tocabens. ”

“And then we think with the architect of the Buildings of France to the installation of gallows which, in case the heavy goods vehicle which does not respect these indications, advances towards the bridge. With these gallows in height, he would then be obliged to deport himself on the central lane, because in central, he cannot strike the arch of the bridge. Corn that is submitted to the architect of the Buildings of France which alone can grant us the possibility of installing them because we are classified heritage. We will have meetings with him during the month of September..”

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The old prohibition signs were apparently not visible enough for some truck drivers
The old prohibition signs were apparently not visible enough for some truck drivers © Radio France
JM Le Ray