Avo Improvisation Serie 2021 Double Corona – AVO

Global premium cigar brand AVO Cigars is proud to announce the ninth edition of their award-winning “AVO Improvisation” limited series. The Limited Edition was inspired by the extraordinary life of Avo Uvezian, which was characterized by music and an irrepressible love of life. This spirit enabled Avo to create lasting memories and shaped the creation of AVO Improvisation 2021.

Even the packaging of the AVO Improvisation 2021 pays homage to the metal copper and the role it has played in art and music for centuries. The shape of the cigar is inspired by the timeless and successful history of the AVO line and the legendary AVO Improvisation Series. The “Double Corona” format reflects the magnitude and importance of these milestones, with which we celebrate both the 20th anniversary of this limited edition and the 95th birthday of the composer himself.

The innovation of the line: four different but complementary insoles from the Dominican Republic. The binder and wrapper come from Ecuador and add a modern, innovative twist to this unconventional symphony. The wrapper undergoes a deliberately prolonged maturing process, in which the creaminess and sweetness of the tobacco are intensified.

Format: Double Corona

Ringmass: 50

Length: 190 mm

Unit: individually and box of 20 pcs.