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Avoid paying for damages you have not caused if you are a regular user of carsharing






There are several Spanish cities that already enjoy the possibility of accessing shared vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. An option that allows reduce pollution at the same time facilitates mobility in very congested places. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more drivers are encouraged to use them daily for their transfers instead of using private vehicles. However, when we make use of this temporary rental, we we become responsible for such vehicles. So it is advisable that we know what we are committed to when we use them, especially when we talk about damage caused to them.

From Visualeo, the only application in Spain that allows photo complaints to be made through blockchain technology, they have collected five reasons why we should take photographs of these vehicles before and after using them to avoid paying for damages and damages that are not our fault.

Do not pay for damages caused by others. To do this, before and after getting into the vehicle, we must take pictures of your general condition. All carsharing companies have franchise insurance, which means that the user will have to pay the damages caused to the vehicle up to a certain amount. In these cases, the last driver is the one who pays, regardless of whether the damage originated after its use. Therefore, it is best to take pictures of the general condition of the vehicle when we take it and also when we leave it. And, for this, it is advisable to use applications that geolocate us as Visualeo, which also provides thanks to blockchain technology, a certified report that guarantees that these audiovisual tests have been taken at a specific date and time.

Also from the inside. The car may not be damaged on the outside but inside it. Therefore, if we get into the car and see any damage we must take pictures of them, notify the company and, in case these damages are not already collected in the application, take a different vehicle then, they could blame us and we would have To bear the cost of repair.

Show that you have not left the car dirty or if they won't charge you for the cleaning service. It is also advisable to use the images inside the car when we leave it to show that it was clean. In fact, if the company accuses us of leaving the dirty car because, for example, the previous driver made it dirty and we have neither warned nor taken pictures, we will have to pay for the cleaning service.

Avoid parking fines. It seems obvious that we have to park the vehicle correctly. However, if they put a fine on the car or motorcycle and we cannot prove that we leave it parked well, we will have to bear the cost. To avoid this, we can take a picture of the car once we have parked, which will allow us to demonstrate that we have acted correctly.

Show that you have parked in a safe place. Since the driver's responsibility is maintained even when he has finished his journey, it is recommended that we look for parking lots where the chances of being hit are low. Even so, we may not be able to avoid the blows, so it is best that we have photographic evidence that we have parked correctly, respecting the spaces.



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