The Russian manufacturer began to take orders for a special modification of the sedan.

AvtoVAZ has released a training LADA Granta FL for driving schools. The car is distinguished by special stickers on the body “Pupil”, the presence of an additional mirror for the driving instructor, as well as duplicate pedals — brakes and clutches for versions with “mechanics” and brakes — for automatic transmissions.

The cost of the training "Grants" in the sedan will be 28,000 rubles more compared to the stock version of the model. LADA Granta FL for driving schools is certified and does not need to make changes in the TCP.

The special “Grants” have an advantage over the factory version of the model – the pedals drive a metal shaft, which is more reliable in comparison with a cable drive, and also does not require adjustment.

The LADA Granta FL training for dummies is available in four trim levels: Standard, Classic, Optima and Comfort. The choice offered 87-strong engine with manual transmission or 106-strong with AMT.

In the Grant’s top-end version for driving schools, it boasts driver and front passenger airbags, heated front seats, electric and heated exterior mirrors, an audio system (FM, USB, SD card, Bluetooth, Handsfree, four speakers), and body-colored mirrors as well as handles and door moldings.

Recall sales of the updated model started in the early autumn of 2018. Earlier, the domestic blogger explained why LADA Granta FL is worth its money.

Julia Romanova




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