AvtoVAZ is going to beat competitors

AvtoVAZ is going to beat competitors

The leader of the Russian market AvtoVAZ has disclosed its forecast for the market for 2018. The automaker expects sales of new cars in Russia to grow by 11%, while sales of Lada in the country – by 12%. At the same time, the concern believes that it will slightly reduce its market share in the Russian Federation: in the first quarter, Lada sales accounted for 20.1%, taking into account the current forecast for the year, reached 19.8%. AvtoVAZ expects to increase sales of cars in Russia in 2018 by 12%, to 350 thousand pieces, Interfax reports referring to the presentation of the company to the shareholders’ meeting. Production at the same time is planned to increase by 13%, to 570.8 thousand units. In general, the Russian car market, according to AvtoVAZ, in 2018 will grow by 11%, to 1.76 million cars, the share of Lada will be at the level of 19.8%.
The forecast of the Russian car factory is slightly more optimistic than the Association of European Businesses (AEB), which monthly collects statistics in the segment of sales of new cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV) in the domestic market. AEB forecasts an increase in total sales in 2018 “by about 10%,” to 1.75 million units. For January-April sales of cars and LCV grew by 20.5%, to 545.3 thousand cars. The market share of Lada for this period increased by 0.7 percentage points, to 20.1%.
Of reporting AvtoVAZ for the first quarter follows that the concern is gradually increasing its share of the revenue from the production of its own model line, while reducing the share of the contractual assembly. So, in January-March, the revenue from the production and sale of cars and car kits amounted to 50.8 billion rubles. against 32.8 billion rubles. a year earlier, the share of this segment in total revenues of AvtoVAZ increased from 69.5% to 74%. In 2017, the share of proceeds from the production of cars and car kits was 71%, in 2016 – 69.6%. The company explains the growth of the share by increasing sales of Lada Vesta and X-Ray, as well as increasing supplies of assembly kits to Kazakhstan.
The net loss of AvtoVAZ under RAS in the first quarter was 128 million rubles. against 4 billion rubles. a year earlier. Revenue increased by 45.5%, to 68.6 billion rubles. Net profit of AvtoVAZ under IFRS for this period amounted to 609 million rubles. against 2.8 billion rubles. loss a year earlier, revenue increased by 40.8%, to 64.76 billion rubles.
Yana Tsinoyeva The French concern Renault, which controls AvtoVAZ, has decided on the position of the new president of the company. From June 1, it will be Frenchman Iv Karakatzanis, who still headed the Romanian division Renault. Nicolas More, who has been in charge of the company for almost two years, will continue to participate in it, performing the functions of Renault’s senior vice president, the head of the Eurasia division, and the deputy chairman of AvtoVAZ’s board of directors. Read more

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