The Russian auto giant AvtoVAZ wants to supplement
transmission of their cars Lada XRAY and Lada Vesta.

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The management informs that the company wants to supplement its line
machines with an alternative transmission – AMT. True, the timing of the release
machines with a robotic gearbox to speak while prematurely, all this
will be known a little later.

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Also in AvtoVAZ refute the company's plans for the release of XRAY and
Vesta with a variator already in this December.

We already reported that according to the results of sales from January to August
Including Vesta has become the most demanded machine. Total
sold 67,136 of these cars.

It should be noted that this result is an absolute record
for Lada Vesta and more than 40% higher than the result of a similar
the period of 2017.

By the way, in summer Vesta became the best on sales among all
models in our country. And in June the cars were sold with a record
an indicator for LADA Vesta in the history of this model.

If we talk about the municipal car park LADA XRAY, then for the first
eight months of this year in our country sold 23 317 of these machines.
If we talk about the dynamics, then sales increased by 12%, if
compare with last year.

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