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Avus free again after bad weather – new thunderstorms in the afternoon

In the night of Wednesday, a heavy storm has hit Berlin and Brandenburg. Heavy rain caused problems at the airports Tegel and Schönefeld, said an airport spokesman. The so-called apron clearance was set late Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning for several hours.

No passengers could get in or out of the aircraft, but takeoffs and landings were possible. Early Wednesday morning, the "apron clearance" had been resumed.

At first Tegel Airport was hit, and a short time later also the airport in Schönefeld, as it was called. The security measure was lifted at about the same time at both locations. Dozens of aircraft were affected, but no information was provided on the number of passengers. The spokesman for the Wednesday morning could not rule out resulting delays at the two airports.

The Berlin fire department was in constant use during the night. By three o'clock in the morning there had been a state of emergency, about 150 weather damage had been reported she tweeted, 15 volunteer fire departments were involved in the operation.

Cars got stuck in the flooded underpass on the Sachsendamm. Inmates were rescued by the fire department.Photo: imago images / A. Friedrichs

At various locations in the city, the emergency services had to pull vehicles out of the water, a fire department spokesman said in the morning. "It was noticeable that a lot of vehicles were stuck in the water", including the Kaiserdamm and the priest's path in Schöneberg, which is a nerve center. An exact number of missions does not give it yet. The road was partly deep under water, because the sewers could no longer absorb the rains.

Fire department gets vehicles out of the water

"The smart thing is to stop in the car, not get into the water, turn off the engine and leave the vehicle," the spokesman advised the drivers.

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Also due to overflowing cellars, underground garages and water ingresses in residential buildings, the forces had to move out at night and also in the morning. The Berlin water damage would still be detected and reported, the spokesman said.

The Potsdam Fire Department also had a lot to do and reported a high number of emergency calls. Numerous roads were under water in the state capital, the tram operation was discontinued.

In the traffic there was on Wednesday morning because of the thunderstorm to restrictions: Because of water on the road the layer avenue was locked in Rummelsburg. Furthermore, there were several traffic lights in the whole city because of the thunderstorm.

On the Avus, the lanes had to be cleaned after the rain, the blockages have been lifted. The city ring in the direction of Neukölln at the height of Kaiserdamm has since been lifted. There, a cleaning machine had lost oil, the traffic was temporarily derived from the Knobelsdorffbrücke. "The traffic becomes a test of patience," warned the VIZ in the morning.

Also, the construction site of the lane change system on the army road The rain affected and called into question their "commissioning".


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