Awareness campaign on breast cancer on urban buses in Huelva

The Santa Águeda Breast Cancer Association of Huelva counts in its awareness campaign for the prevention of the disease with three buses of the Municipal Urban Transport Company (Praise him), which will carry the message ‘First of all YOU. A breast cancer detected early saves your life. ‘ The city ​​Hall of the Huelva capital next to Waters of Huelva thus supports the work of the association.

Along with the message you can see a figure of a woman exploring herself. The campaign has been presented at the central station of Emtusa by the mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, which has been accompanied by the councilors of Mobility and Citizen Participation, Luis Albillo and Maria Teresa Flores; the vice president of the Santa Águeda Association, Charo Sanchez; the manager of Emtusa, Manuel Bendala, and the managing director of Aguas de Huelva, Pedro Pena.

“Once again one more year we collaborate with the association in this communication, outsourcing and visibility campaign,” pointed out Cruz, who has indicated that “it is very important that we become aware of the reality that exists in different groups and it is key that we know the tireless fight, of many years, of the association against the disease and also of support to women who suffer from it, is a commendable work, both from the point of view of experience and the psychological support that is given to them and the way to help them to understand that a world of possibilities opens up, that there is life and that we must move on, that united we are stronger ”.

The mayor stressed that the association continued “at the foot of the canyon in this year and a half of the pandemic, adapting to the circumstances and we are delighted to be able to collaborate and continue to be on their side.” He stressed that with the buses the awareness campaign “reaches all Huelva,” to which he added that “it is a tribute to the association because its fight is tireless, permanent, has been doing a long time and well in favor of women and in this Fight against him breast cancer”.

The managing director of Aguas de Huelva has stated that “it is an honor to participate one more year in this project with the association to help raise awareness about this serious problem that affects so many people, both those who suffer from this disease and their families and caregivers. We must thank this entity for the work it does with these people and let us all help become aware about this disease ”.

The vice president of the association has stressed the importance of self-exploration for early detection. He has commented that on October 14 a conference will be held at La Gota de Leche, directed by Juan Bayo, Head of Oncology at the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital, in which the latest advances in the treatment of breast cancer will be addressed. In addition, on the occasion of the International Day to Combat Breast Cancer, information tables will be set up on the 15th and 19th in different parts of the city.

In addition, they have organized a castanets concert for October 20, at the Gran Teatro, whose tickets, at the price of 10 euros, are sold at the headquarters of Santa Águeda.



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