Awareness campaign on “equine well-being” at the Montluçon-Néris racecourse (Allier)

“I have been coming to the races since I was little. But I admit that, until then, I was not particularly interested in the way the horses were treated ”, admits Theo, 21, in front of the Race and care stand, installed this Sunday, June 27 at the racecourse of Montluçon-Néris (Allier), on the occasion of the fourth and last horse racing meeting of the season.

Nutrition, hoof maintenance, osteopathy, balneotherapy

“Race and Care”: this is the name of the system to raise public awareness of equine well-being that the National Federation of Horse Races (FNCH) has just launched. Nutrition, hoof maintenance, osteopathy and even balneotherapy …

It is about presenting the care given to horses throughout their careers. We’ve been doing a lot of things for a long time, but we weren’t talking about it. Well-being is becoming a real societal issue

Oisin Hopper (FNCH communication officer)

Eight measures of a “Charter for Equine Welfare” are described in a flyer and in video clips. “It’s about talking about the races. But also the training of horses, their recovery, regulations put in place, especially on doping, ”lists Amel Gatta, responsible for running the Race and care stand, yesterday at the racetrack.

premium Spectators meet for the first time this season at the Montluçon racecourse (Allier)

Prepare for the “retirement” of the horses

Reconversions The future of racehorses is one of the subjects on which the young woman is the most questioned. Its mission is first of all to reassure. And to explain that the equines are not sent to the slaughterhouse. A belief that still lasts.

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By law, horses can no longer run after ten years. We help retraining associations to ensure the transition of horses to a new career

Oisin Hopper (FNCH communication officer)

Some are oriented towards other disciplines, such as polo or horse-ball. Others spend their retirement in equestrian centers. Maybe one day you will take a ride on the back of a former champion?

The eighth stage of the Green Trophy took place on Sunday June 27 at the Saint-Jean de Montluçon racecourse, as part of the last horse racing meeting of the season. This national-level harnessed trotting event was scheduled for the fifth race. And this with a nice endowment of 45,000 euros for its winner. No.6 Detroit Ace started the race as favorite. To ultimately not appear in the top ranking. It was the n ° 7 Drop des Duriez, led by Serge Peltier, which won first place. Followed by n ° 8 By and By, n ° 3 Emencourt d’Azif, n ° 10 Cash de l’Alba and n ° 12 Bacherra du Moulin.

Drop des Duriez, winner of the eighth stage of the Green Trophy.

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