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Away with the belly fat: 7 simple tips for successful weight loss

You tried everything, including the sirt diet, which allows sweets and wine? But the belly fat does not want to give way and also the scale does not show a satisfactory result? Fitness expert Kristy Curtis knows how the kilos tumble and the stomach fat disappears. In an interview with the English-language newspaper Daily Mail, the Australian reveals seven tricks for effective weight loss.

1. Keep moving

According to the expert's recommendations, endurance sports should be used predominantly. For example, cycling, jogging or swimming increases your pulse. The fat is thus burned faster. However, care should be taken that there is a constant change between the exercises. One-sided training can cause inflammation of muscles, tendons and joints. In addition, strength training must not be waived. Muscles strengthen the bones and reduce heart disease and bone loss.



2. Count calories

It is important to lose weight to consume more energy than to eat. Accordingly, only as much food should be consumed as the body needs. Thus, according to Curtis, a total calorie deficit of 7,700 calories is associated with a weight loss of one kilogram. Calorie Counting apps are apps like "MyFitnessPal," which is available for free from the Google Play Appstore.

3. Keep track of sugars and carbohydrates

Less leading to the goal are so-called "empty" calories that hide in sugar and carbohydrates. Due to the sugar, the blood pressure and the insulin content in the blood increase for the time being, and then fall off sharply. Insulin stores the fat and prevents it from losing weight. If the insulin content is low, fat can be burned faster.

4. bring movement into everyday life

In addition to the regular fitness program to burn extra calories, should be paid to daily exercise. Even small changes can work wonders: to take the stairs instead of the elevator or get off a bus station earlier to walk the remaining meters.

5. Eat high protein

A protein-rich meal not only helps build muscle, it also burns calories in our resting phase. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn and the more you can eat. According to the fitness expert's recommendations, animal products such as meat, seafood, dairy products or eggs should be consumed. But vegan products contain proteins as well. Soya products, legumes, beans and much more can cover your daily needs. This is between 0.8 to 1.5 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. With regular weight training it can be more. Above all, the saturation stops longer when the supply of proteins.

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6. The right meal after sports

Even after training you should not be rewarded with chocolate or unnecessary fatliquors. While cravings for a sweaty workout are great, protein, carbohydrate, and fat should continue to be consumed to cover vital nutrients. Because after exercise, the cells in the body are ready to take a nutrient-rich meal.

7. Beware of alcohol

Sip a glass of wine for dinner or a cocktail on the weekend in your favorite bar, it should be avoided if possible in the future. Because of its sugar and starch content, alcohol has seven calories per gram. Almost exactly as much as pure fat. The success achieved should not be sabotaged by the cravings, after all, even without alcohol, the evening can be fun.


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