Awesome Functions from Apple Easily Print from iPhone or iPad with AirPrint

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2. Make sure your iPhone or iPad and printer are connected to the same wireless network to be able to use AirPrint from your iPhone or iPad.

Open what you want to print: an email or email attachment, a website in Safari, a file in the Files app, Photos, etc.

Tap the ‘Share (Share)’ button to open what you want to print. Then scroll down and tap the ‘Print’ button. Some apps may have a print button elsewhere. For example, to print an email message in the Mail app, you’d tap the ‘Reply’ button and then search for ‘Print’ at the bottom. of the list of options

On the Print Options screen that appears. Select the name of your printer.

You can now select the range of pages you want to print, number of copies, enable duplex printing. and other printing options

When finished, you can tap the ‘Print’ button.

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You can view the print queue/status by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone with Face ID or iPad) or by double-clicking the Home button (iPhone with Touch ID) to get to the App Switcher. You can cancel printing here. If you haven’t finished typing