Aya Abdullah reveals the details of her concert at the Arab Music Festival


The final preparations for the concert of the young singer Aya Abdullah will be held at the 27th Arab Music Festival. The concert will begin at 7:00 pm on Saturday and is scheduled to be attended by singer Ibrahim Farouk. Aya confirmed that she will perform a number of Fayza Ahmed, Warda and Najmat "Aya" has recently performed a number of successful songs, including a du'aa '"Habibi Yaareb", which was presented in a video clip and presented on the channel "Mazika" throughout the month of Ramadan. It also presented the "I and Inti" on "ltc" and songs "I am in it," "Young uncle" and "Mahbtnish", and achieved these songs It is currently broadcasted the program "Night of Anas" on the channel Mbc Masr every Saturday at 9 pm in conjunction with the largest stars of singing in the Arab world, such as Rami Sabri and Khaled Salim and Jannat and Mai Salim and Ahmed Saad and others. For more than once in recent years at the Arab Music Festival, where she became famous for being able to perform classical songs for the beautiful time of a number of singers, whether Umm Kulthum, Aziza Jalal, Faiza Ahmed and Warda since she appeared in the program "Voice of Life".


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