Aya Nakamura refuses to do the Stade de France: she explains herself!

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The year 2023 will be that of Aya Nakamura. Five years after her hit “Djadja”, the singer signs the event release of this beginning of the year with her new album “DNK”, rich in 15 titles including the first extracts “SMS” and “Baby”, but also duets like “Daddy” with SDM. Popular songs that will come to life on stage during the three concerts at the Accor Arena that she will give next May, and that she filled in just a few minutes. It will therefore bring together 60,000 fans for its big comeback. While many fans couldn’t get seats, they asked him to add a date at the Stade de France. But the interpreter of “Wicked” is categorical: she is not not for perform in this gigantic open-air stadium, even if it respect those who have performed there in recent years, from Lady Gaga BoobaPassing by Coldplay, Indochina or Ed Sheeran.

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“did more football match”

Asked about this subject by Lna Situations in the podcast “Canap six places” on Spotify, Aya Nakamura explained this refusal. Yeah, but you know, the Stade de France… I don’t know if you’ve ever attended concerts, but the sound isn’t the same as at Bercy replied the 27-year-old artist, claiming to have made the comparison as a spectator: I go to Bercy, Znith, I’ve done everything, and I think the best idea is Bercy. This is even why some people do it several times . For her, the Accor Arena is the ideal venue for creating closeness with her audience. It’s closer, it’s more fun, it’s warmer confided the singer, who was able to confirm her impression recently: I was Damso’s not long ago, the atmosphere is not the same as at the Stade de France. At the Stade de France, played more football matches .
For her, the arena of Saint-Denis is disproportionate: You arrive, people are spaced out, it’s super big, you have to find your place, it’s not the same mood, it’s not the same atmosphere . Anyway, Aya Nakamura is eager to get back on stage. Yes I am in a hurry. This summer, I was jealous when I saw the festivals, I said to myself: “I should have accepted”. There suddenly, I can’t wait to prepare everything exclaimed the artist, who still has to face a headache: the setlist of his concerts! I ask myself: “What am I going to sing?”. There are too many sounds! The choice will be tough. I don’t know, it’s been four or five years since I’ve done a scene explained the interpreter of “Pookie”, who bets on a concert of 1h30: You will have to choose all the titles, the classics, the hits, the new sounds of the album. wow! . Ready to get back to sport to prepare physically, Aya Nakamura knows that her fans will demand very different sounds from her: It’s crazy! Then you have to make choices in life. . Reply in mai!

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