Ayala leads acceptance of mayors in Baja California

Editorial Office/EL VIGÍA
Cove, BC

The mayor of Ensenada, Armando Ayala Robles, ranks as the mayor with the highest level of acceptance in Baja California, according to the results of the evaluation carried out by Explora Investigación Estratégica, corresponding to the month of April of the current year, the president of Buenos Aires obtained an approval of 54.8 percent.
The study carried out by the polling house was carried out between May 1 and 5, a period in which 1,173 people over 18 years of age electronically rated the performance of the five mayors of the entity.
Of the total number of participants, close to 650 evaluated the performance of Armando Ayala favorably; followed by Norma Bustamante -Mexicali- with 52.5%; Araceli Brown -Playas de Rosarito- with 48.6%; Montserrat Caballero -Tijuana- with 43.8% and Darío Benítez -Tecate- with 41.7%.
In this second period at the head of the municipal administration of Ensenada, adjustments were made to comply with the commitments established with the population, and with it, reduce the lag inherited by previous governments.

Currently, as a result of the efforts led by Armando Ayala, around 100 infrastructure works are being carried out in Ensenada with an investment of more than 750 million pesos, reported its communication office.
In a statement, it states that these works not only contribute to the development of the municipality, but also generate more than 1,500 direct jobs and 1,600 indirect jobs, with which a positive impact is achieved in more than 20 branches of the local economy.
The foregoing shows -says the statement- that despite the ravages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the port and its 16 delegations continue to carry out actions to improve the quality of life of Ensenadenses.
Soon seven strategic projects will be inaugurated that are developed with resources from the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU), for 251 million pesos, among which are sports spaces in the Popular 1989 neighborhood, rehabilitations of the Plaza De la Patria, Parque Revolución, Ex Mercado Público and boardwalk in Playa Hermosa, stand out.
Progress is also being made in the second stage of the modernization of the Chapultepec-Maneadero highway section, a project carried out by the Infrastructure, Communications and Transport Secretariat (SICT), the statement said.
With the Social Management Plan agreed with Energía Costa Azul, he adds, the much-requested comprehensive rehabilitation of Juárez Street, in the heart of the city center and home to its main commercial area, is about to begin.
In addition to the resources that the Government of Baja California invests in the modernization of the El Gallo road node, and those that will be applied from the Respira Program, in roads of 16 neighborhoods of the Buenos Aires municipality.
This year, the population will witness the consolidation of important infrastructure and paving projects, the press release points out.