Ayuso will win Madrid “like Trump”, they say in Al Jazeera

The prestigious international news agency Al Jazeera has published an article in which it predicts that Isabel Diaz Ayuso She will be proclaimed the winner of the regional elections next Tuesday in Spain and is defined as “the star with the fastest rising of the country’s political right.”

As they relate in the news, Ayuso “has a tough public speaking style that seems to thrive on controversy,” recalling the tweet he launched at the beginning of the “Communism or Freedom” campaign.

The news agency describes Ayuso’s claims as “extravagant”, recalling phrases such as that the traffic jams at three in the morning in Madrid are part of the city or trivializing the pollution in the capital: “No one has died because of it,” he said. Ayuso.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso @ep


“A great victory for the PP could be very important at the state level, especially psychologically,” explains Oriol Bartomeus, professor of Political Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona to Al Jazeera. “It would promote the idea that the time for the PP has come.”

“I would compare her to Donald Trump,” says Bartomeus, “not so much because of her personality, but because of her strategies and the way her rivals initially seriously underestimated her, just as the Democrats did before Trump. She succeeded,” he says. .

“Then, like Trump, when her opponents discovered that she was not as clumsy an operator as they thought, it was too late,” says the professor.