Ayuso’s legislative acceleration since 4-M

“A coalition government can also be very effective in management. The problem we had in Madrid is that the Ciudadanos comrades suffered, and it is useless to deny it, from a lot of disloyalty. We had committed ourselves to all of them and we were ready for maximum collaboration. But the climate was not of loyalty and that harmed the work of the Government. Now, with a monocolor government of the PP and with parliamentary support that we have, we trust that we will be able to carry out all our projects». This is how one of the advisers of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso describes in the Community of Madrid the change that 4-M meant for them. The crisis with Ciudadanos triggered the electoral advance in May 2021 and the polls allowed the popular candidate to form a monochrome Executive. Going from the coalition with the oranges to a smaller team – the councils were reduced from 13 to 9 – and without differences in criteria and strategy as notable as those between Ayuso and Ignacio Aguado has allowed Sol to give a significant acceleration in their task of passing laws. There is the balance: in the present mandate, six new standards have already completed their journey, have received the approval of both the regional Executive and the Madrid Assembly and are in force, and another nine bills have already been approved by the Governing Council and are at different stages of parliamentary processing.