Azahriah is going on a European tour, we have the locations

He also performs in Berlin, London and Paris.

One of the most popular Hungarian performers, Azhariah In March, he gave a sold-out concert at the Papp László Budpest Sport Arena (our report on this you can read it here), and in the fall he will go on a foreign tour, the stops of which he has now announced. The 21-year-old musician will perform in seven countries in November, from the European tour on Facebook shared poster includes the following cities:

  • Vienna
  • Prague
  • Warsaw
  • Berlin
  • London
  • Paris

It was very funny when we first spoke to the English. They called us saying that even though they don’t understand half of the lyrics, they’ve been listening to Azahriah in the office for three weeks and they love it.

– his manager previously told RTL, and the reception abroad will be revealed in the fall.

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2023-06-09 07:06:00