Azattyk: Own employees won tenders for millions of soms of the Osh road enterprise

Journalists of Radio Azattyk in their investigation figured outwhat’s in the tenders The municipal enterprise Osh City Roads won by companies associated with current and former employees of the same department.

At the same time, the head of the municipal enterprise Arzybek Kozhoshev himself acknowledged the participation of employees in the tender and believes that this is legal.

Employees who won tenders

According to Azattyk, the Municipal Enterprise Osh City Roads, which is engaged in the construction and repair of roads, annually millions of soms are allocated from the city budget. The management performs minor work itself, but for large projects it announces a tender.

The journalists said that the chief specialist of the enterprise, Jenishbek Shonoev, is listed in public procurement as the director of the El-dos Stroy Service company, which since 2019 has held 34 tenders worth about 20 million soms.

At the same time, according to the register of the Ministry of Justice, now the company has already been registered in the name of his brother Sanzhar Shonoev.

Azattyk spoke about another employee of the enterprise. According to them, Kanatbek Zhusupov, who works as a leading specialist in the department, was the head of construction company “Metropol”».

Now the company has a different name – Sad and Mit, and its current director is Arnalbek Suranov. He is a former driver of the head of the enterprise Osh city roads Arzybeka Junusova.

Suranov’s company, according to journalists, won 14 tenders for the total amount of 14 million 595 thousand soms in the purchase of the enterprise.

Another employee of the enterprise is mechanic Tuigunbek Abdyrakhmanov, who is currently the director of TAS and CO. His firm won a tender for 77 million soms for the construction of Askar Shakirov Street in Osh.

Azattyk journalists also learned that the former deputy head of the municipal enterprise, Satybaldy Abdylakunov, is related to the Almaz Road company.

Previously, the director of this company was Zhekshenbek Azimkulov. The fact that Abdylakunov and Azimkulov are close relatives of Azattykku was confirmed by several sources.

According to the publication, since August 23, 2021, the official documents of the company indicate that Ulan Ermekbay uulu is the director. But despite this, Azattyk sources report that Abdylakunov is still related to the company. The company won 22 tenders in the amount of 11 million 12 thousand soms.

What did the company say?

Head of the enterprise Osh city Arzybek Zhunusov, in an interview with Azattykk, said that “all tenders were held within the framework of the law.”

“Okay, if they would win in a row. Arnalbek [Суранов выиграл тендер] and did a good job. What’s in it? For example, you are talking about Tuigunbek [Абдырахманове] what it has to do with the company I hear from you. If he is the founder of TAS and CO, then tomorrow I will consider this issue. And Zhenish Shonoev got a job recently, he is just a worker,” Zhunusov said.

However, the journalists emphasize, according to the article “Conflict of Interest” of the Law on Public Procurement, if the managers and employees of procuring organizations win tenders from the institution in which they work, this illegal.

The specialist of the municipal enterprise and at the same time the director of El-dos Stroy Service Zhenishbek Shonoev said that he “has nothing to do with the company.”

“When the company was founded, I worked in management. I have been working here for six years. TO [фирме] I have nothing to do, she has a different director. At first, it was registered to me, but it turns out that it remains so in the portal. Then, when I got a job here, the company was sold and it was taken over by other people. Before the company passed to my brother Sanzhar, a certain Sadirbekov was its director, the company was under his leadership,” Shonoev said.

He also added that the El-dos Stroy Service company has not been participating in tenders of the municipal enterprise for two years.

Tynar Jeenaliev, deputy head of the department, confirmed to Azattyk that there were cases where former employees of the department were related to or were founders of companies. Jeenaliev believes that law enforcement agencies will assess this issue.

Last week, a special parliamentary commission in the city of Osh declared 60% of the pavements built seven months ago unusable. Two companies responsible for the construction of these facilities pledged build them anew in two months, but already with high quality and in accordance with technical standards.

The reason is a thin cement coating and grass thickets. The Osh City Roads enterprise does not agree with the commission’s conclusion, but added that they were instructed to repair the sidewalks anew.

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