Azzurri warns investors that Binance is not allowed to conduct domestic transactions

According to CoinDesk, the Italian Corporation and Exchange Commission (CONSOB) has issued a warning stating that Binance Group is not licensed. To carry out services and investment activities in Italy The watchdog also said the alert included, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

CONSOB warned that Binance Group is not authorized to operate services and investment-related activities in Italy. even through the website, where derivatives and stock tokens are offered, as well as other instruments related to digital assets. and digital assets It has cracked down on the operations of Binance, a major exchange in the crypto industry. Other countries such as Canada, Japan, the UK, the Cayman Islands, Poland, Thailand and Malta have tightened their transactions with Binance in recent weeks.

Additionally, according to U.Today, Binance is facing a class action lawsuit from a major Italian law firm. They also represent futures traders who are dissatisfied with Binance’s operations.