Babett Köllő from the prize of HUF 10 million

A I’ll be a star! At the beginning of the finals, the prize money of 10 million forints was discussed, which sparked an unexpected dialogue between the Masters.

Babett Köllő spoke about the talent search prize money (Photo: Press room)

“I would like to say that this will be an evening of HUF 10 million. I don’t know who is with numerology ” Tilla called, then Cologne Babett: “This is what Joci learned last time. Until the broadcast, he did not know that 10 million could be won. ”

“I thought it was ten million times a day today” Gabi Tóth responded to Tilla’s statement. Babett Köllő: “It simply came to our notice then.

Then Tilla a Wives in luxury turned to the actress in “However, HUF 10 million is serious. Our millionaire expert, Babett, what do you say to that? Is there a chance for your competitor? ”

“I’m a bastard compared to Majes, so let’s ask him.” He replied to the presenter.

Majka did not respond: “10 million forints? Didn’t you earn a forint here? ”

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