Baby bang at the Opera House – this is how artists cope with motherhood


The three artists of the Hungarian State Opera House also became mothers this summer. Éva Bernáth, private singers Gabriella Balga and ballet artist Lili Felméry gave birth to their first baby a few weeks apart. Mothers tell Ripost intimate secrets.

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It was a baby boomer At the Hungarian State Opera House. Bernáth Éva, Balga Gabriella soloists and Felméry Lili ballet artist gave birth to their first baby a couple of weeks apart. Mothers tell our page intimate secrets.


Mozart also “helps” with baby care

Bernáth Éva, soloist of the Opera House Emma without it, he can no longer imagine his life, and he places him at the highest level in every decision-making.

Private singer Éva Bernáth (Photo: Valter Berecz / Hungarian State Opera House)

The most important thing for me is the happiness and prosperity of my little girl. The basic premise of this is that you are emotionally safe, feel loved, and surrounded by people who, in the noblest sense of the word, thrive on life themselves. ” The artist betrays. It turns out the music is also crucial for the baby.

Bernáth Éva and her little daughter, Emma (Photo: Snapshots from the OperaCafé show, M5 –

Emma is a very balanced baby and even just her mother, she loves classical music too. Photo: Snapshot from OperaCafé (M5 –

“As Emma hears Mozart’s piano concertos, she is completely reassured! When he was in my tummy, I sang a lot of Amina’s aria (Ah, non credea …) from Bellini’s opera Sleepwalkers, and after each melody, he “caressed” me with a particularly sensitive movement from inside that I couldn’t feel from him before or after. His father’s song, poetry and voice always responded wonderfully in my tummy and since his birth he has always been reassuring to be able to listen to him. ”

The artist is already preparing for her return next March, so there are often things to do that call her home. That’s when Emma is taken care of by her father.

“My partner is a wonderful dad! They spend their time in complete harmony, and I’m starting to complain that my partner hasn’t seen us bathing Emma and not her. ” – the artist laughs, then, aside from the joke, she also betrays: diapering, babbling, bathing from the beginning is the father’s privilege, which Eve can only do when she is busy. “I’m grateful to him for standing so waisted in every area!”

The ballet artist labored for 16 hours

Felméry Lili little son of a private dancer, Bertalan arrived in July, 3 weeks earlier than expected. At the birth of his father, he was also a dancer Balázsi Gergő Ármin was also there.

It meant a lot to the ballerina that his partner, Ármin Balázsi Gergő Balázs, was present at the birth of their little boy (Photo: Mátyás Sarvady)

“Geri’s presence meant a lot to me. It helped a lot, as it was a 15-16 hour process before Bertalan arrived at us without any intervention. It was very painful, but the Good God was with us all along and helped us. Of course, when we could finally keep our little boy in our arms, it was happiness itself. ” The ballerina recalls.

“A woman instinctively fits in this role. As a mother, I don’t panic, which is otherwise rare, but typical of me and I can sometimes think beyond things, but I’m extremely balanced about our child. ”

Not everything went smoothly

“There were initial thrills, nights we went through without sleep” Lili jokes, then adds that by now the family is completely polished.

The ballerina and her little son, Bertalan (Photo: Lili Felméry)

“We already know why she cries and we can help her. He communicates with us more and more, he develops a lot day by day. Gergő and I complement each other very well. When he has less patience, I can be calmer and calmer and vice versa. The birth of a child is such a miracle in a person’s life that every moment, even if there are more difficult ones, must be lived! We really enjoy the time we spend together.

Bertalan is a very balanced baby, which her mother attributes to the fact that there were no performances because of Covid, so her pregnancy was completely smooth and peaceful.

The ballerina’s pregnancy was in great peace (Photo: Mátyás Sarvady)

At the same time, the ballet artist is consciously preparing for his return. He already trains himself once or twice a week – Bertalan adapts well to everything.

“My plan is to return with the performance The Poorly Guarded Girl, in which Lise is a very kind role. This ballet will be shown again at the Erkel Theater from February. I miss my job, I really want to be able to dance and get back in shape, but now I feel that this period needs to be filled primarily with calm because of our little boy, as he is the first and foremost. ”

A family was founded during the Covid epidemic

Balga Gabriella the life of an opera singer slowed down from the outset due to the Covid epidemic, as performances were missed. That’s why she thought with her husband that this was the best time to get involved in starting a family. There was a lot of excitement when our little girl was born, Gabriella Franciska or, as your parents call it, Pig.

Balga Gabriella, husband Bence Kutrik and their little daughter, Gabriella Franciska (Photo: Judit Szemler)

“Sometimes I still find myself in vain being in my arms all day, I don’t want to believe he’s here with us. Inconceivable and wonderful ” Gabriella recalls the experience of the first days.

It is still incredible for the singer to finally be able to hold her little girl in her arms (Photo: Judit Szemler)

The family spent the first weeks in threes. Gabriella and her husband, Kutrik I think composer wanted to be able to develop an everyday routine and be able to enjoy each other undisturbed. Of course, family and friends couldn’t wait to see the little one.

“The birth of our little girl has brought great change, immense happiness and joy into our lives. Ever since he got it, our lives have become rounder. ” She says sensitively, the artist. In fact, Gabriella Franciska is a very good baby and let her parents rest. “I’m not a tired expectant mother. I just told my husband this morning that I can’t even go back to sleep at night because I’m so used to sleeping a little and just waiting for Babi to wake up. ”

The artist sang until the 8th month of her pregnancy, but since then she has been putting her baby girl first.

The artist sang until the 8th month of her pregnancy. Photo: Ágnes Szentesi

“When he was in my tummy, I was a little afraid that the excitement that our profession entails could harm him and make him more restless. Fortunately, she is a very calm little girl. Maybe I’ve never been so happy, but I admit I miss singing too, as singing is a part of my life as a singer. For now, though, I’m still trying, but I’m slowly starting to practice if the phoneter also approves ” – talks about the preparations for the return of Gabriella, who will be seen by the general public in December at the earliest Puccini Edgar opera Tigrana role.

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