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Baby born, with partially developed "twin" in the abdomen

An unusual case in which a child was born with another baby growing up in the abdomen has gained international attention after the transferring physician had alerted a local television station who documented the birth of the child and the subsequent surgery to his partial to remove formed twin.

Dr. Miguel Parra-Saavedra, a high-risk specialist in Barranquilla, Colombia, told the New York Times that he first saw mother Monica Vega when she was 35 weeks pregnant after her obstetrician suspected that her unborn child was Itzamara It may have developed a liver cyst.

The Parra-Saavedra equipment actually discovered a fluid-filled room containing a tiny, partially developed infant, and a separate umbilical cord attached to Itzamara's bowel, which served as the source of blood.

The rare phenomenon has been documented several times and is classified as a "fetus-in-fetu".

The rare disease is a congenital anomaly where a malformed parasitic fetus is found in the body of its developing twin.

Different fetal parts may be present like the vertebrae with a different number of developed limbs. According to the British Medical Journal, it is believed to occur every 500,000 births and is most commonly referred to as "abdominal mass." However, it can also occur in other parts of the body.

The researchers note that the occurrence is very similar to that of a teratoma, a type of embryonic tumor typically made up of germ cells.

Fetus-in-fetu undergoes no malignant change, which is more common in teratomas, and the latter would have no specific features such as a spine, which can be found in a fetus-in-fetu case, according to the National Institutes of Health.

On February 22, Vega Itzamara gave birth to caesarean section at 37 weeks of gestation, and the surgeons removed the twin laparoscope from her abdomen the following day.

Parra-Saavedra told The New York Times that the twin has a head and developed limbs, but has no brain or heart.

Parra-Saavedra said Itzamara was in good condition and a "normal baby".

"I've never heard of it in my life," Parra-Saavedra said about the diagnosis.

"I really did not expect this to happen."



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