Baby was born with two heads, three hands and two hearts

This is the story of the strange condition of a baby born with two heads, three hands and two hearts. The doctors have not yet decided what treatment they will carry out so that he survives.

The unusual case that stunned the doctors happened on March 28 in Ratlam (India) and according to medical reports, Shaheeb Khan and her husband Sohail they were in the last trimester of pregnancy (week 35) and were anxious to see their twins born.

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During pregnancy, the doctors told the couple that, according to the ultrasounds, they were two babies very “stuck” in the uterus, but the specialists did not imagine that actually it was a strange case of conjoined twins.

On March 28, Khan went into labor and was subsequently transferred to a health center in Ratlam district, while the babies remain in a hospital in the city of Indore to be monitored by doctors.

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According to doctors, the case is known as paragliding biceps where one baby is joined by the torso of another.

Although milder cases have occurred and they have managed to separate them ‘easily’, this situation is one of the most severe, because the condition of the newborn is considered a rare form of partial twins due to the location of the heads and the third hand between them.

Most of the time when dicephalic parapagus occurs, the baby dies in the womb during the last 20 weeks of pregnancy, however, in this case a “miracle” and the “evolution” of the baby is expectedtherefore, so far they do not plan a surgery to separate them.

“These types of cases are rare and the condition of the babies remains uncertain, especially in the first days and because of this we are keeping them under observation. For now we have not planned any surgery on the patient”declared Dr. Lahoti, one of the professionals who attended the delivery.

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This extremely unusual form of union affects only one in a million births. In November 2019, also in India, a similar birth was recorded when a 21-year-old woman gave birth to a baby with two heads and three arms. The child’s parents were also unaware of the condition with which her baby was born.