“Baby without a dad, I’m honestly scared”… Sayuri, test tube procedure → pregnancy and birth process revealed

Sayuri, a Japanese broadcaster who gave birth to a child as a’voluntary unmarried mother,’ revealed the situation when she first learned of pregnancy.

Sayuri said on her YouTube channel on the 20th,’I became Sayuri’s mother. [엄마, 사유리_1화]”I’m going to make a video with images taken from when I went for an in vitro procedure to after childbirth. This video is from the early stages of pregnancy.”

The 12-minute video that was released starts with Sayuri’s figure taken in Korea on March 19th. Sayuri in the video on the day said, “I’m trying to test it after a week or so, but I’m nervous.”

Sayuri said, “I thought a lot. Could I be pregnant? I thought that the test tube couldn’t work at once. The doctor also said that if I look at the age of my womb, I should do it 5 to 7 times,” and “I think I wasn’t pregnant right away. Even so, my periods were always correct and I haven’t done it for a week.” He added, “You may already have a baby in your stomach, or your period may have been delayed due to stress or fatigue.”

Sayuri expressed a complicated mind. He said, “If I find out that I am pregnant today, I will become a baby mother from today. Honestly, I am very scared,” he said. “I thought I was a non-human person who could do everything he wanted to do, but I guess I am having a baby without a dad. , I’m selfish. I don’t know. It’s scary to get pregnant and scary to not do it.”

Sayuri, who came after a pregnancy test, also revealed a vivid situation in which she was confused whether or not she became pregnant in two faint lines. Then, on the two lines that gradually became clearer, he expressed his overwhelmed mind, saying, “I think I am pregnant.” He said, “I don’t know. Momoko (dog’s name) left today a year ago, and something (Momoko) seems to have come back a year later. Oh, I think I’m pregnant.”

In this video, Sayuri leaves for Japan for an in vitro procedure on February 20, visits an obstetrics and gynecologist in Korea on April 6 after learning that she is pregnant and receives an ultrasound test for the first time and hears the baby’s heartbeat, 16 weeks after pregnancy. It includes the appearance of checking the sex of the baby in the hospital. In the recording of a program that was appearing on June 26th, the appearance of hiding the fact of pregnancy was also introduced.

Earlier, Sayuri gave birth to a boy in Japan on the 4th. Sayuri was diagnosed at the hospital that her ovaries were 48 years old and that she couldn’t have a child for life if she missed the timing, and then gave birth to a child after conceived by donating sperm from an unknown man stored in a sperm bank in Japan. Congratulatory messages from inside and outside the entertainment world poured out on Sayuri’s courageous behavior, who chose a’voluntary unmarried mother’ according to her conviction.

Sayuri, who released a video of her early pregnancy on YouTube, will continue to introduce the process of childbirth through video content.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)



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