Entertainment Babylon Berlin: That happens between Gereon and Charlotte

Babylon Berlin: That happens between Gereon and Charlotte


It goes into the next round: The successful series "Babylon Berlin" reports back to Sky with the third season on January 24th. Again Volker Bruch (39, "There and Away") and Liv Lisa Fries (29, "Prélude") can be seen in the leading roles again. Liv Lisa Fries revealed in an interview with the news agency spot on news whether all cliffhangers of the second season will be dissolved and whether Gereon Rath and Charlotte Ritter will get closer in the new season.

What can fans expect in season three? Are all cliff hangers dissolved?

Liv Lisa Fries: I don't want to reveal whether all the cliff hangers will be dissolved. Time will tell. But what can be expected in any case is that the narrative structure becomes denser. You get closer to the characters and that's really a big deal. I always find it difficult to say what to expect in general. But you can definitely look forward to all the characters. There is a murder in the film world and this time the plot is a little more concentrated. It is not as diverse and it is easier to follow the storylines.

Has anything changed due to the success on the set or during the shooting?

Frieze: Not directly. But it confirms all of us that we really take our work seriously. That we make up for it and don't rest on our laurels.

Series and spoilers is a delicate thing. How strictly is this handled at "Babylon Berlin" and how good are you at not spoiling?

Fries: I find it difficult to talk about what is happening to Charlotte and Gereon. Because it's difficult not to spoil anything. Just recently I apparently said something in an interview, where Volker Bruch said: "Nah, you can't say that." That you have to leave it totally open. I think you can argue about that. But it is generally difficult for me to tell something about a series or a film without spoiling. Therefore, the question of what fans can look forward to is difficult to answer.

The relationship between Gereon and Charlotte is complicated. She seems to have feelings for him. Will she continue to explore them in season three? Would you like a love story between the two?

Fries: I think the nice thing about the two is that they are so different – but they complement each other wonderfully. That is always the most important thing in love. I had a song from Mia in my ears a few days ago that said, "It's what it is, love says – what it is, the mind asks." And love is just the way it is and of course you know what you find in the other. But sometimes it doesn't make any sense, you even find some things stupid in others and still love them.

Charlotte and Gereon are very different, but there is a tremendous joke when you see them together. Charlotte, who sees everything a little more loosely, and he who takes things really seriously. I think it's nice to watch the two of them. I don't know if I want to see her in a relationship. Do you really want to see them eating a breakfast egg together? The attempt, the rapprochement and the coexistence – I think that's nice. I think that is already a lot.

Do you already know when season four will continue?

Frieze: I don't think it's official yet. The third season will only be broadcast on Sky in January and on ARD in autumn. But once the new season airs, we usually start shooting again. I say: late 2020, early 2021.


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