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Bach: Digital means will make Olympic athletes not alone in empty games

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Bach: Digital means will make Olympic athletes not alone in empty games

2021-07-19 09:55:29

Source: Zhejiang Online

Reporter Wang Qinou Ji Ye

On the 17th, IOC President Bach stated at a press conference held in Tokyo, Japan, that digital methods such as online live broadcast, recording of audience selfies, interaction between athletes and family members, and broadcasting of cheers from previous Olympic venues will be used to minimize them. The impact of empty games on athletes.

Tokyo has entered a state of emergency since the 12th. For the sake of epidemic prevention, all games in Tokyo, Hokkaido and Fukushima Prefecture will be held in empty venues, and only three venues for bicycles and football are allowed to watch live.

“We don’t want athletes to feel lonely.” Bach said that the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee discussed possible measures on the 17th, hoping that athletes can still feel the support from the global audience.

International Olympic Committee President Bach at the press conference.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter He Changshan

According to Bach, a screen can be placed at the game site to display the images of the audience watching the game online, and supporters from different countries (regions) can cheer for their teams, “creating a kind of competition not only among the players, but also among the audience”; Encourage viewers to record self-portrait videos and provide them to rights-holding broadcasters to “enable the audience’s participation in the event to be shown to the world”; provide some athletes with an opportunity to communicate with their families and fans online after the game to maintain the athletes The most important “emotional connection”; using the immersive sound system to play the cheers from the previous Olympics, “make the athletes feel as if they are surrounded by the audience.”

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“The meaning of the Olympic Games is to bring the whole world together. The Olympic Committees of more than 200 countries and regions and the IOC refugee delegations come together peacefully in one country, one city, and one athlete village under the same set of rules. Athletics.” Bach said, and to achieve this under safe conditions, athletes and other Olympic-related personnel have made great contributions to epidemic prevention, “this also shows how much athletes cherish the Olympics.”


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