Jordan Kimball is not one to shred words.

Just last night, the male model and his then fiancé (we come to) Jenna Cooper looked like two perfect lovebirds in the Bachelor in Paradise Final and Reunion Show. But that did not take long.

On Monday, Reality Steve tweeted that there's "evidence" out there about one of the candidates – we now know it's Cooper – and it would be "suspended."

In his blog post, Reality Steve shared three screenshots of Cooper with a mysterious man who claims to have been in a relationship with her all the time. The blogger said he "checked" the lyrics and confirmed that they were from Cooper's phone number. In it Cooper reveals to this alleged friend, "Me and Jordan are not really together, I do not like him, let alone love him."

She added that she went to the show because it is "all for my business".

Reality Steve broke the news on the lyrics, and Kimball spoke on Wednesday's Blogger podcast to explain everything. For starters, the model firmly believes that his ex wrote these lyrics, though she denies the claims.

Kimball told Steve, "It's very hard to talk about, but when I read these lyrics, I can hear their voice saying."

He continued, "The structure of speech and the facts these gentlemen have about them … it's scary, it gives me chills."

For the past 24 hours since the Final Show and Reunion Show premiered, Kimball shared his thoughts on an Instagram post where he inquired about his heartbreak. "If you fall in love with the experiences you've made with them, it's something you should respect, being careless with someone you give your heart to and achieving milestones does not make sense, no matter As the conditions are, "he wrote.

When Kimball and Cooper talked about the lyrics, he said he was hardly reassured. "I felt even sicker," he said.

Regarding her reaction to the scandal Kimball knew something was wrong. "It looks like I've been played," he admitted to Reality Steve. "Once you've played, the last thing you want to do is fool yourself."

Kimball told Reality Steve, he went to paradise I did not think he would be engaged. "You go there to have fun," he said.

Meeting Cooper changed that perspective for him.

During the 5th season of Bachelor in Paradise and his term of office Becca KufrinSeason of The BacheloretteKimball was synonymous with one-liners and jokes. He does not feel that way now. "I'm not my normal self," he said. "It's something that takes time to recover."

Although Kimball has "officially" withdrawn from his engagement with Cooper, he does not wish her any ill will. "You will not disrespect me," he explained.

Cooper also joined Instagram today to deny the allegations and said the lyrics were "completely fabricated".

However, Bachelor Nation has quickly taken sides in this separation. Kimball's actors from this season Paradise, including Kevin Wendt and Colton Underwood, have expressed their support on Instagram. Earlier participants did the same.

In his Instagram upload, Kimball said he would "take time to seek my inner peace," which he repeated to Reality Steve. He explained his outspoken response to everything: "Everyone has to understand that I have to protect myself."

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