Bachelor of Teaching English – Online Education

Overall objective

To train professionals in the teaching of English, with high social and humanistic value, capable of solving the existing demands for teaching in this language at various educational, labor and productive levels in Mexico and the world.

Curriculum Strengths

The Study Plan meets the professionalization needs of the English teacher in Mexico under the virtual modality, which makes the Bachelor’s Degree a unique Academic Program in the specialty area, it is also recognized as a quality program by the Council for the Accreditation of Programs Educational in Humanities (COAPEHUM). In addition to this, teachers are constantly updated in pedagogy and disciplinary courses; It should be noted that 100% of the academic staff has official English certification.

Areas of professional and labor development

Graduates of the Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching English promote the professional teaching of the English language at the elementary, primary, secondary, high school and higher levels. They are able to deal with various real-life situations that arise and take part in unexpected conversations, as well as argue various topics with fluency and expressive richness. They have the ability to practice as a teacher, and contribute effectively in meetings, seminars, conferences, presentations, etc., within their area of ​​work.

Curricular map