Scandal at "The Bachelorette" 2018: Kevin calls Nadine a Foze and threatens beating on! According to a media report could have an aftermath. Update from Sunday, August 12: Insults against Bachelorette could have an aftermathBachelorette candidate Kevin would certainly not expected: According to a recent report by Bachelorette Nadine Klein now consider, with legal action to take action against him. It would therefore probably be a reaction to the fierce insults that the candidate has given. The Bachelorette insulted: consequences now consequences In the last episode, all Germany could watch on TV, as the 27-year-old has out of tune. He called the bachelorette "F * tze". Also against his competitors, he was canceled. For the viewer, it was initially unclear how much Nadine had learned. It was only clear in the end that there was no rose for him. Kevin is eliminated. Whether it really comes to an ugly legal sequel, remains to be seen. After all, there have been more serious insults in German TV – without further consequences. What makes them out of the situation is now Nadine's decision. What exactly happened between Kevin and her, you can read in our summary below. That happened in the last episode "The Bachelorette" Such sayings did not exist in any season of To hear "The Bachelorette". In the fourth episode on Wednesday, Kevin Pander (27) cursed Bachelorette candidate Chris Kunkel as a "bitch." He calls the bachelorette a "f ** tze." Most of all, Kevin says, he would beat Chris in and take his rose. At the cocktail reception before the "Night of the Roses," Kevin told the boys and the bachelorette that he does not like them. At the end of the program there was the receipt of Nadine Klein. Kevin did not get a rose. But he did not give up as a loser. On his departure, he pulled out triumphantly and stepped up again against some candidates: "I will not let anyone tell me something. Certainly not from some guys. "Kevin gets rid of the BacheloretteWhat happened there? At the beginning of the show, Chris got a rose on his single date with Nadine. Even before the "Night of the Roses", it was clear that Chris was going one more lap. Kevin did not get much attention from the bachelorette in the fourth episode. And he wanted to pay her back in his own way. At the cocktail party before the "Night of the Roses", the men once again have the opportunity to get to know Nadine better and talk to her. Actually, the ideal way to get in touch with the Bachelorette again. Kevin does the opposite: With Eddy Mock he separates himself completely from the group. The two enjoy a drink on a bench away from the cocktail party. "The Bachelorette" 2018: Stress eatingNadine wonders about the behavior and calls to them: "Are you having fun down there?" To which Kevin counters: "We are waiting for you. But somehow nothing comes. "Nadine justifies herself:" I'm just eating. "Kevin:" Bon appetit. Later. "And you sneer. That's when Chris comes in. He calls to the offside candidate that they provoke their departure with their strategy: "Get used to it! Otherwise, you'll be in the plane afterwards! "Kevin and Eddy derailed their facial features in this statement. "What, what, what?" Eddy asks irritated. Kevin swells the vein: "I'm about to shoot him one." Eddy wants to calm down the angry Kevin: "Oh nonsense." But that's just going to blow up: "I did not give you boxing lessons for nothing, bro. I'll come straight off the page and take his rose – who's going to fly home then, Bitch?" Then he goes over the other candidates funny grouping around the Bachelorette. "You see them and stand there like the Jumping Jacks around." To the address of Bachelorette Nadine, he poisoned: "F * oath!" "The Bachelorette" 2018: Why does Kevin Nadine rant so crassly about Nadine? So far, Kevin was actually considered a reserved, rather shy candidate. In the episode last Wednesday, the taciturn Hamburger in the group date came out for the first time. "I think it's good that Kevin was a bit more communicative today," the Bachelorette said happily afterwards. Kevin wanted to know from her what attracted her to men – and what she dislikes. Nadine told him that she was no longer fixed on any particular type of man. "Then you'll fall in love with someone who's not really your type, but who will flash you with character." There was approval from Kevin: "Character is important." Bachelorette Nadine still enthusiastic about Kevin after the group party raved Nadine from Kevin: "He can really be really sweet and charming, if he talks like that." Even Kevin found the Bachelorette really cute: "I think the sympathy is definitely there. If there is a bit of interest from her, then she can show it. But I'm open and of course I'm going back to them. "Apparently, the Bachelorette showed his interest too little interest. Maybe that's why he called her "Fot * e." The Bachelorette 2018: Does Nadine Wind get Kevin's abuse? Kevin did not score Chris. But it would not be the first slap in this broadcast format. A few months ago, RTL showed how Bachelor Daniel Völz was shot by a candidate. The slap did not come from Nadine, who was still bachelor at that time, but from Yeliz. What happened to Eddy in the end, who retired with Kevin from the cocktail party? He got a rose from Nadine. And promised improvement: "Now it's time to get to know you better." And Kevin? He said goodbye in a good mood. But not without giving Alex one more: "Do me a favor my dear, do not make such big announcements at the table, if you do not behave yourself." If you missed the show, you will see the fourth episode of the "Bachelorette" in the Stream on TV Now.fro


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