Back 4 Blood: No more content from Turtle Rock Studios

The developer studio Turtle Rock Studios has announced that it will no longer produce any further content for the game in the future.

Bye, Back 4 Blood

In a nutshell, development will end after the release of the co-op shooter published by Warner Games. In a message published on its website, the studio claimed it didn’t have the resources to continue making content for Back 4 Blood to create while also focusing on the creation of its next, unannounced game. “Turtle Rock Studios is actually pretty small for a studio that makes AAA games”it wrote. “We don’t have enough people to continue working on content for the game while we launch another game – yes, another game!”

Back 4 Blood but will continue to work, said Turtle Rock. The game is currently available on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium plans and as part of Xbox Game Pass. The title was released in October 2021 and received three expansions after the release. The last major expansion of the game, Children of the Worm, was released last summer with a new story campaign, character and more. The previous expansion of the game, Tunnels of Terror, was released earlier this year and featured two new playable characters. It will probably remain the last new characters – what do you think of this decision by Turtle Rock Studios?