“Back to Basic 2000” in Bordeaux: spectators furious after Larusso’s cancellations

The concert of the “Back to Basic 2000” tour, organized on Saturday October 1, 2022 at the Arkéa Arena in Bordeaux (Gironde), did not only make people happy, reports South West . Many spectators denounce the too late cancellations of L5 and Larusso. The former withdrew their participation five days before the show while the latter withdrew the same day. Result: the fans deplore a limited number of artists and a spoiled evening, and demand reimbursement of their tickets.

However, the DJ of the concert specified Saturday evening that the spectators could turn back and have their tickets scanned at the entrance to be reimbursed, specifies the regional daily. According to Audrey Perez and Marvin Ponty, the two co-producers of the tour, only about fifty people out of 3,000 would have left the scene. It is now necessary to turn to the points of sale in the event of a complaint.

Producers “taken aback”

“We have been working on this project for years. With the Covid, we had to postpone the date several times. It was not easy”explains Audrey Perez to News Bordeaux . The producers state that they have been ” caught short “ by the withdrawals of the different singers. In the end, it was Matt Houston, Tribal King, Nuttea, Yannick, Kayliah and even Slaï who took the stage.

The two producers ensure that this situation is a first since the start of the tour, on March 25. According to South Westthe continuation of “Back to Basic 2000” would be compromised, Audrey Perez and Marvin Ponty thinking of canceling the three remaining concerts, in Caen, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence.

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