Back to business France-Italy: The significant results of the COP26 Manifesto

On the occasion of a Return to Business full of optimism, the CCI France Italy presented the results of the “COP26 Manifesto”, signed a year earlier by French and Italian companies.

Faithful to the back-to-school meeting given by the CCI France Italy every year in September, nearly 150 people from the Franco-Italian business community met in Milan last Thursday, during the now traditional Back to Business, in the presence of the Ambassador of France in Italy Christian Masset.

This Back to Business was in particular an opportunity for the Chamber to present the results of the “COP26 Manifesto”, signed a year earlier by certain French and Italian companies within the framework of the 26th UN conference on climate change.

French and Italian companies, serving a more sustainable future

Firmly believing in the importance of an ethical and responsible business approach, the France-Italy Chamber of Commerce has demonstrated its commitment on several occasions, since the establishment of its CSR club, a place of dialogue dedicated to the themes of Corporate Social Responsibility. business two years ago. A commitment reaffirmed by the creation of a work force last year, whose objective is to propose an action plan composed of projects and responsible choices capable of having a positive impact both socially and environmentally . And one year after the signing of the Manifesto by ten companies – B&B Hotels, BNP Paribas, Capgemini, Carrefour, CNP Vita, Guillin, Havas, Lactalis, Mazars, Roveda -, the president of the CCI France Italy announces significant results: 84 million euros of direct and indirect investments on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, 163 Onlus involved in initiatives, donations of all kinds for an economic value of 2,866,230 million euros and a total 2,090 volunteer hours for non-profit organizations.
“These results demonstrate how it is possible to combine good intentions and planning with concrete results in a relatively short time”commented Denis Delespaul, President of the CCI France Italy.

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Denis Delespaul, President CCI France Italy (on the left); Christian Masset (French Ambassador to Italy (right)

An engine to meet the challenges

The Ambassador of France in Italy praised the action of the CCI France Italy and the dynamism of the business community that surrounds it: “In this context of uncertainty, it is a strength to see this optimism, which will allow us to face the future”. And to remember, “the complementarity of France and Italy, essential partner countries for each other.”
In 2021, trade between the two countries – equivalent to 84 billion euros – exceeded that of 2019 (pre-Covid). Investments are accelerating, and in particular those from Italy to France, which has become the 5th investor country in France.