Back to work: caregivers mobilize on September 22, interprofessional strike for wages on September 29

« Stop to mistreatment and unworthy conditions for staff and users! » This is the watchword of the call for mobilizations for the health sector this Thursday, September 22, after a summer of serious hospital crisis, during which the closures of emergency services multiplied. The medical and paramedical trade union organizations Amuf (association of emergency doctors), CGT, CFE-CGC as well as the inter-emergency collective call for this day of mobilization in health, medico-social and social establishments, public and private.

“Staff continue to devote themselves, to the detriment of their health and their family life, to ensuring quality care and a dignified welcome for the population in a context where services and structures are closing, in particular due to lack of resources and personnel. How many health crises, resigning professionals, users on the waiting list will it take for the government to change its social and health policy? When will there be real means in terms of employment and wages to improve the working conditions of employees in our sectors of activity? » questions the call.

In Paris, a rally is planned for the forecourt of the Hôtel de Ville from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The citizens of the local committees for the defense of maternity wards and local hospitals will also be mobilized across France (see the meetings on the National Coordination of Committees website).

Strike for wages and pensions

As inflation and rising energy costs weigh more and more on everyone’s budgets and Emmanuel Macron’s government wants to relaunch its pension reform, an interprofessional strike is announced on September 29. “The struggles over wages continue, and it is not allowances, checks, revaluation of 3.5% of the index point in the public service, 2.9% of unemployment benefits or 4% for pensions and others cache-miseries measuring cups, which will compensate for the absence of real revaluation of wages, minimum wage, social minima and student grants! » summarizes the Solidaires union in its call for mobilization. “Living with dignity and living well is not an option. It is a societal choice that stems from a radical social transformation.continues the organization.

The Union Syndicale Solidaires is demanding an increase in the minimum wage to 1,700 euros net, a “real revaluation of the index point in the public service”equal pay and the upgrading of the most feminized professions, salary increases, pensions, social minima of 400 euros, the RSA for those under 25, retirement at age 60 maximum with 37.5 annuities, as well as I’“stopping the breakage of public services”.

The CGT also calls for a strike and demonstration on September 29, for a minimum wage of 2,000 euros, a 32-hour week, retirement at 60, but also an autonomy allowance for students and young people in search for a first job, an increase in wages for apprentices, a framework for lowering rents, a reduction in VAT on basic necessities, lower fuel prices by cutting income of the capital of multinational companies in the oil sector, the conditioning of public aid to companies (see the demands on the CGT website).

La Nupes is organizing a march against the high cost of living and climate inaction on Sunday, October 16 in Paris.

Photo: September 17 in Pairs/© Serge d’Ignazio.