Bad Bunny looks like a woman, did he forget Natti Natasha after sensual dances? [PHOTOS]


Natti Natasha was a guest at the concerts of Bad Bunny for his tour in Puerto Rico. He called the attention of his fans the complicity and confidence that he had with the performer for scenes they had on stage. The followers of the reggaeton stars even imagined that something was formed between them, but recently the singer uploaded some photographs to his Instagram account with another woman. YOU CAN SEE Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha: Reggaeton’s wife reacts annoyed by video In the images the reggaetonero is observed next to the singer Cazzu , an Argentine who also invited her tour and with whom she gave a passionate kiss in full concert. Although neither of them have confirmed anything romance, many of their followers already say that they are much more than friends. Controversy A few days ago, you saw some images of Natti Natasha singing when Bad Bunny Suddenly she approaches him when she performs sensual movements, not to mention that he grabs her head and lowers her forward. The video unleashed a madness on social networks.

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