Bad news for Celtics and Heat as Butler and Tatum get injured in Game 3

By the time the second half was ongoing between Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, the visitors had an important advantage that could only be reversed by a miracle. It was 20+ points on a constant basis but then tragedy struck for the Heat. Jimmy Butler had to leave the court with evident knee inflamation.

Fortunately for Miami, the report after the fact was positive as they expect him to make a full recovery for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. But losing Jimmy gave the Boston Celtics the courage to get back in the game until the fourth quarter, which was whan tragedy struck them.

Jayson Tatum injures his right shoulder.

As he reached for a ball when he was sitting on the floor, Jayson Tatum clearly injured his shoulder but we couldn’t quite point out the issue. What we do know is that he was in a great deal of pain and he immediately left to the locker room. It seemed for a moment that Jayson wasn’t coming back, he was truly in a great deal of pain.

However, moments later he returned and seemed completely unphased by the pain. We honestly don’t know if he got his shoulder dislocated and got it placed back in its place. If that happened, we know he had to go in the dressing room with Duce (his toddler son) watching from the sideline. But there’s also a chance he hurt something elde around that area and needed an infiltration.

As soon as he got back on the court, Tatum seemed like nithing happened. We won’t know what wen’t down until after the game, someone will tell the media how things progressed. For the final monutes of the game, Tatum remained on the court and Jimmy Butler watched on from the sidelines.

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Losing their best players is something that neither the Celtics nor the Heat can afford. But the final result is still very much in the air as the game is still ongoing. Tonight’s result will give the winning team a great advantage for Game 4 as we will have a 2-1 series no matter who takes the W.