Bad weather, in Sardinia still orange alert for strong thunderstorms and gusts of wind

After the rains that have lashed the Oristano today, it does not stop the wave of bad weather in Sardinia.

The Decentralized Civil Protection Functional Center issued another orange alert (moderate criticality) e giallo (ordinary criticality) due to hydrogeological risk due to thunderstorms in the Montevecchio Pischinappiu alert area, also in the Oristano area.

Thunderstorms and yellow code also on the areas of alert Iglesiente, Campidano, Tirso and Logudoro.

According to the Civil Protection, “scattered rainfall, a prevailing reverse or temporal character, with locally high cumulative. Strong isolated thunderstorms will be possible, which could be associated with strong gusts of wind and hail phenomena “.

DIAMANNA – Particularly delicate situation today a Germany where the mayor Franco Vellio Melas had the nursery school in via Gramsci evacuated as a precaution. The Agents of the Forest Station of Villaurbana and the Fire Brigade intervened just before nine a help children and school staff surprised by a heavy downpour.

The little ones, terrified, were brought to safety out of the building and delivered into the arms of their parents.

Closed schools in Terralbawhere the streets have turned into rivers.


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