Baden-Baden is planning additional daycare places for Ukrainian children – SWR Aktuell

Because of the large number of Ukrainian refugees in Baden-Baden, the city administration wants to create around 150 additional daycare places. This poses a big problem for the city.

In a nationwide comparison, Baden-Baden has the largest number of Ukrainian refugees – in relation to the number of inhabitants. Especially women and children came after the outbreak of the war. 465 children and young people from Ukraine aged up to 18 are currently registered in the spa town. 85 children under the age of six are on the waiting list for a daycare place, but care has only been found for 30 so far, partly with the help of clubs. Because the situation in the city’s day-care centers was already tense before the Ukraine war.

300 Ukrainian children attend preparatory classes

According to Baden-Baden’s Social Mayor Roland Kaiser (Greens), it is currently not possible to enlarge the groups. As an interim solution, daycare centers that were closed years ago are to be temporarily reactivated. The long-term goal is to build new day-care centers. But precise planning is difficult because many Ukrainian parents want to return to their home country as soon as possible.

“We have Ukrainian parents who don’t want their child to go to a German school, preferring instead to take part in Ukrainian digital classes.”

The situation at the Baden-Baden schools is somewhat different. A little more than 300 Ukrainian students are registered there, they attend preparatory classes in which German is mainly learned first. There are currently 14 such classes in Baden-Baden. There could be many more, because only around 70 percent of Ukrainian children and young people attend school. There is no compulsory schooling for them in the first six months. Many take part in digital lessons from their home country.

challenge for leaders

In the area of ​​schools, too, planning is difficult because of the uncertain length of stay of the Ukrainians. Because if there was a large wave of return, then many investments would have been made in Baden-Baden that would no longer be necessary.