Baden-Wuerttemberg: City hopes for help from the Bundeswehr in tracking contacts

City hopes for help from the Bundeswehr in tracking contacts

Heilbronn (dpa / lsw) – In Heilbronn, Bundeswehr soldiers are again to help locate contacts in corona cases. “We have applied for assistance because the number of cases continues to rise,” said a city spokeswoman on Thursday. Without the additional staff, it is no longer possible to manage the contact tracing. The city most severely affected by new infections across the country is hoping for six soldiers to support it.

Among other things, the high number of infected vacationers is problematic. Between August 15 and 21, almost two out of three new infections registered were due to people returning from traveling. “And the trend is still increasing,” said the spokeswoman. The SWR had previously reported on the soldiers.

The country, on the other hand, had recently announced a different course. Accordingly, due to the increased number of vaccinated and recovered people, mass contact tracing in corona cases should be dispensed with. The health authorities should no longer have to follow up contacts – for example in cinemas or restaurants – with every corona illness. The change in strategy is also taking place against the background that the seven-day incidence will soon reach an area in which contact tracking can no longer be implemented for each individual with the available human resources.

In over half of the 44 urban and rural districts in the south-west, the incidence was last over 50. Ten days ago, Baden-Württemberg said goodbye to the seven-day incidence as a yardstick for restrictions. As long as the hospitals still have enough space for corona patients, no major restrictions are planned. In Heilbronn, the number of infections was most recently 105.9 per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. It is by far the highest incidence among urban and rural districts.

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