Baden-Württemberg: “Extreme storms” – still heavy rain possible (update) – southwest

Stuttgart / Calw / Ludwigshafen / Würzburg. (dpa) Heavy thunderstorms, heavy rain and squalls: Hundreds of emergency services have rolled up their sleeves because of the storm in parts of Germany. Alone in Stuttgart According to the fire brigade, I counted 330 operations from Monday evening to the early hours of the morning on Tuesday. According to the police on Tuesday morning, the persistent heavy rain and wind in Stuttgart caused various tunnels to fill up with water in a very short time.

> Thousands of passengers in the Stuttgart area were affected by disruptions in public transport as a result of the storm on Tuesday morning. The flooding of the central Stuttgart station Charlottenplatz led to disabilities for the users of the light rail, announced the Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB). Buses were used as replacements. Numerous bus routes have been diverted.

> Also with Deutsche Bahn and in S-Bahn traffic there were disabilities. Deutsche Bahn announced that several stations were not served on three Stuttgart lines in the morning. The reason is short circuits. The Stuttgart – Ulm connection was temporarily closed, but reopened shortly after 10 p.m. During the night, the Stuttgart – Tübingen routes, the Gäubahn between Rottweil and Horb and connections in the Heilbronn area were also affected. The reason was trees in the overhead line and the tracks washed over. The damage has now been repaired.

> In regional rail transport the routes from Plochingen and Böblingen to Stuttgart are initially closed. According to a spokesman, only single-track rail traffic is possible on the route between Stuttgart and Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental. There are delays and cancellations in both directions. According to Deutsche Bahn, all long-distance trains stopping at Stuttgart Central Station were also impaired in the morning. As an alternative, some trains only stopped in Esslingen and did not go to the main station.

> Under dramatic circumstances two men have been rescued from a flooded tunnel. As the emergency services in the 450 meter long tunnel in Dußlingen (Tübingen district) arrived, a man was already sitting on the roof of his car, the driver of a pickup truck was still in the driver’s cab. The truck driver was taken out of the cab, leashed by a fire brigade swimmer and pulled out of the current. To save the other man, the firefighters drove a large fire engine into the underpass. But they could no longer leave the tunnel. They had already undressed to swim when a rubber dinghy was able to rescue them from the rising tides. Laichinger summed up: “That was a rescue operation like in the film.” Around 60 emergency services pumped out the tunnel in the morning.

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> In the district of Calw Fire brigade and police forces were very busy in the evening. A spokesman for the Pforzheim police confirmed to the German press agency flooded streets, overflowing gullies and landslides in the Altensteig community. A wall on the Nagold River was torn away several meters.

> At the Stuttgart State Opera parts of the roof lining had been covered. In addition, statues have fallen from their pedestals. “I’m under the roof and get pretty wet,” said the director Viktor Schoner of the dpa on Monday evening. The side stage was under water – some of the rain poured into the building through the lamps. 250 guests were at a song recital in the opera at the time of the storm, no one was injured.

> The fire brigades and the police have violent thunderstorms Ludwigsburg brought a continuous use. In addition to overturned trees, full cellars and flooded streets, the emergency services also had to take care of the evacuation of a flooded nursing home and the care of two injured drivers. As the police announced on Tuesday, the police command and situation center in Ludwigsburg had received almost 100 emergency calls the evening before.

> In Remseck On the Neckar and Waldenbuch, the flooding of underground car parks caused millions of euros in damage. In Waldenbuch In addition, part of a nursing home had been cleared after flooding. There was damage of around 100,000 euros.

> On the Autobahn 8 near Rutesheim two people were slightly injured in a car accident due to aquaplaning. This resulted in damage of 30,000 euros.

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> In the event of a fire in a residential building in Wüstenrot after a lightning strike, damage of around 200,000 euros was incurred. At first it was unclear whether the building in Wüstenrot (Heilbronn district) had to be demolished, as the police announced. The entire roof structure burned on Monday, the fire brigade was only able to bring the fire under control after a few hours. The residents of the house could have gone outside and were unharmed.

> About Rhineland-Palatinate and parts of Hesse partly violent storms moved away. The fire brigade announced on Tuesday morning that there were 265 deployments in the Vorderpfalz area due to the heavy rain event. In the city of Ludwigshafen alone, there were 84 missions that pumped water from basements and apartments or removed fallen trees.

> Also in Bavaria The storm raged late Tuesday evening until late into the night. Within a very short time, 101 fire brigade and 25 rescue service operations were in action, as the city of Würzburg announced. The forces removed fallen trees, secured flying parts, pumped out basements that had been filled with water and secured flooded roads.

A spokeswoman for the German Weather Service (DWD) said on Tuesday morning that no end of the storm in sight be. Although the current storm that formed over Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria has now partially moved to the Czech Republic, the weather situation remains complex. There are always new storms. Especially the heavy rain and the squalls are still a problem.

On two motorways in Rhineland-Palatinate there were accidents with injuries during heavy rains. On the A3 and the A48 there were a total of seven accidents in the late afternoon in the area of ​​the Montabaur motorway police, as the police announced. One person was seriously injured and three others suffered minor injuries. A total of twelve vehicles were involved in the accidents.

Storms with lightning and thunder and a lot of rain also moved across parts of Hesse in the evening. Initially, southern Hesse was particularly affected. According to the police, a state road was closed at Lützelbach in the Odenwald due to fallen trees. A manhole cover was flushed up in Michelstadt, and rubble landed on the roadway on a district road. Lightning struck a roof in Dieburg.

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According to the fire brigade, numerous cellars had to be pumped out and trees removed in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Bocholt. There were a total of 119 deployment sites in the city by midnight.

Update: Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 10:56 a.m.

Altensteig. (dpa / lsw) Heavy rain, hail and floods: Because of violent thunderstorms in the southwest, many fire brigade and police forces have moved out in the evening. The district of Calw was particularly affected. A spokesman for the Pforzheim police confirmed to the German press agency flooded streets, overflowing manhole covers and landslides in the Altensteig community.

The spokesman for the Calw District Fire Brigade Association, Udo Zink, spoke of quite violent floods. The south and east of the district are particularly affected. Trees lay on streets and tracks, cellars were filled with water. The control center had been strengthened in terms of personnel. He spoke of 150 missions in two hours. People were not harmed. How severe the damage and the extent of the storm is was initially unclear.

Deutsche Bahn reported on Twitter that a tree was lying on the track between Stuttgart and Ulm. Long-distance trains would be held back and rerouted if possible. The Gäubahn is also affected by the storm. The route between Horb and Rottweil is interrupted.

The German Weather Service (DWD) warned in the evening of “sometimes extreme storms” in the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb and of hailstones with a diameter of up to five centimeters. Another thunderstorm complex moves from Switzerland towards Lake Constance and Upper Swabia – with heavy hail and heavy rain of 30 to 40 liters per square meter.

Update: Monday, June 28, 2021, 10:13 p.m.