Baden-Württemberg is preparing restrictions for non-vaccinated people

Dhe Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Health wants to prevent the hospitals from being used to capacity with more than 600 Covid-19 intensive care patients in a possible fourth wave of pandemics. The reason is that in the previous three pandemic waves, the capacities of the university clinics and hospitals were so exhausted that relocations to other federal states could just be avoided. “Caring for 600 intensive care patients was a huge effort. We cannot expect the clinics to do that again. It is now a matter of controlling the infection process and preventing an excessive fourth wave among the non-vaccinated, ”said Uwe Lahl, Ministerial Director of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Health, the FAZ. In the first three waves of the pandemic, the country’s hospitals treated and ventilated around 600 patients in intensive care units at the same time.

In mid-September and at the start of school, when many people returning to travel have contributed to the spread of the virus, the Ministry of Health expects another sharp increase in the number of corona intensive care patients. According to current forecasts, there could then be 350 corona patients who have to be ventilated. This would mean that the capacity of the hospitals would be exhausted because, due to layoffs, high staff turnover and, as a result, the dissolution of intensive care teams, the intensive care capacities at the maximum care hospitals and in the university clinics are now significantly lower than at the beginning of the pandemic.

Motivation problems with carers

In addition, there are motivation problems of the intensive care nurses: The fact that there are now some among the intensive care patients who have deliberately refused a vaccination demotivates the staff in the intensive care units. Due to this situation, the state government in Baden-Württemberg is currently drafting a corona ordinance in which further restrictions for non-vaccinated people are provided, for example the ban on going to restaurants or even bans on going out. The ordinance should only come into force if the number of newly infected people continues to skyrocket and there is a risk of renewed overloading of the intensive care units.

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A spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs said the key to pandemic management was the trend in the number of ICU patients, not the hospitalization rate. This is also due to the fact that the reporting channels for Covid-19 patients admitted to the hospitals are still insufficient, but they are now reliable and good for intensive care patients through the DIVI register. The new regulation, which in principle could contain a 2-G rule similar to that in Hamburg, will only come into force if the pandemic should worsen. About one hundred Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care units in Baden-Württemberg hospitals, most of them are not vaccinated.

The Evangelical Home Foundation in Stuttgart, which is the largest sponsor of nursing homes in the southwest, complains of more and more vaccination breakthroughs and deaths among residents who have been vaccinated twice. Therefore, the managing director of the foundation, Bernhard Schneider, is now calling for mandatory vaccinations for the nursing professions. “I’m pretty sure,” says Schneider, “that those employees who have not yet been able to decide on a vaccination will not change their minds in the next few weeks either. That is why the legislature now has to ensure that people are imposed. ”In society,“ the well-being and health of the weakest ”must be the decisive yardstick.