Baden-Württemberg: Several fires due to drought in the southwest

Several fires due to drought in the southwest

Reutlingen (dpa / lsw) – Because of the dry weather, fires broke out in several districts over the weekend. A fire spread to a barbecue area on the outskirts of Nürtingen (Esslingen district), the police said on Sunday. The fire brigade had to be called to contain the fire on Saturday. In a garden in Reutlingen, a brushwood fire almost spread to the surrounding area. On Saturday evening, a grill and wood stacked next to it caught fire in Plochingen (Esslingen district).

On Saturday, the fire brigade had to extinguish a smaller but heavily smoking fire in a coniferous forest near a sports ground in Ohmden. In Bissingen/Teck (Esslingen district), around 100 square meters of lawn burned. In Ammerbuch (district of Tübingen), there was a fire in an area of ​​around 45 square meters in the immediate vicinity of trees and bushes. The burning of green waste got out of control on Saturday afternoon in Albstadt (Zollernalbkreis) after stronger winds caused flying sparks, which ignited an area of ​​grass and several small trees.