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Schools in Dachsen

There are two school communities in Dachsen, the primary school community and the secondary school in the district of Uhwiesen. The kindergarten is also attached to the primary school. The primary school is attended for six years and then the secondary school in the district of Uhwiesen for three years.


In the canton of Zurich, the kindergartens are run locally, mostly – as in Dachsen – by the primary school. All children who have reached their fourth year of age by April 30th of each year will be required to attend school at the beginning of the next school year. Dachsen currently has three mixed-age kindergarten classes.

Primary school

After two years of kindergarten, it continues with six years of primary school in the school building on Dorfstrasse in Dachsen. The 5-day week has been introduced in Dachsen.

Secondary school in the Uhwiesen district

The secondary school in the district of Uhwiesen is attended for three years. The school house is located in Uhwiesen. The secondary school is run jointly by the communities of Dachsen, Flurlingen and Uhwiesen.

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