Details of this article Badran confirms that "chalk" negatively affects children in the classroom Dr. Magdy Badran, a pediatric consultant and member of the Egyptian Society for Allergy and Immunology, a colleague of the Faculty of Graduate Studies for Children at Ain Shams University, revealed that there is an allergy to chalk used by teachers in the classroom. Dr. Badran said in an exclusive interview with LifeStyle that as school approaches, it is important to know that chalk dust usually stains the blackboard. Dust falls on the skin, hair, and clothing near the blackboard from teachers and students. It also pollutes the classroom air and falls on the classroom floor. The "Peshawar" contributes to the blackboard mop, spreading the chalk dust as well.

Chalk dust and its relationship with cow's milk. "Touching chalk dust may cause contact sensitive skin especially in the fingers of the hand, rarely cause erythematosia, and inhalation of chalk dust may cause allergic reactions to the skin, eye, nose or chest of those who are ready And allergies to the mucous membranes of the eye or nose or respiratory system, increasing the chances of inflammation and rarely cause suffocation The doctor pointed out that although some children committed to avoid milk during programs to treat the sensitivity of milk, and may appear in school some symptoms of milk sensitivity in Sue Dr. Badran said: "Here the fingers of accusation refer to the medical chalk that was found to contain the substance of casin derived from cow's milk." Medical advice Dr. Magdy recommends that you always look for allergies and avoid them altogether or reduce them. To ensure control of the sensitivity and the enjoyment of the patient a better lifestyle, "adding that" cow's milk is the most food allergens it contains 25 types of proteins that cause allergies. " He explained that the most important types of milk proteins that cause allergies are "casinos" 80% of milk proteins beta-lactoglobolin cow's albumin, cow's milk is the first cause of skin allergies in children, and exposure of milk milk at an early age leads to milk allergy.

Dr. Magdy revealed that the sensitivity of milk may remain for 7 years until it appears in the form of "chest sensitivity, allergic rhinitis, skin sensitivity, eye sensitivity, persistent milk allergies, later sensitization to other types of food, Body through the air ". The doctor pointed out that some milk proteins have a role in the prelude to diabetes because of the similarity in the structural structure between the molecules of these proteins and cells of the pancreas, which make the hormone insulin and in some cases starts the immune system in an attempt to destroy the milk molecules, but mixed it destroys the same insulin factories and injures children Sugar, and reduces milk sensitivity, which explains why most cow milk patients do not feel well cooked beef. The use of casinos Dr. Badran added that "it is used in the manufacture of some types of chalk" medical "which does not produce dust, and derived from some types of paint used in drawing since the Pharaohs, and for a while was derived from some types of glue, and cheese production as a dietary supplement in Milk, baby food, ice cream, salads and ready-made Dr. Magdy recommended that the causes of allergies should always be sought and work to avoid them completely or reduce them to ensure control of allergy and enjoy a better lifestyle Breastfeeding reduces the sensitivity of milk,He added that there are markets for new types of animal milk substitutes, some of which are available in the world markets. Cereals such as barley, oats, rice, milk of pulses, lupine, peas, peanuts, beans Soy, and dairy nuts such as almonds, cashews, coconut, beautiful eye, sesame seed milk, sunflower, rice milk often comes from brown rice, lactose free and cholesterol, and calcium, vitamin B12 and iron. Dr Badran concluded by saying that these markets will benefit those suffering from the sensitivity of dairy animals such as cattle, buffalo or goats, who suffer from lactase deficiency, and who suffer from allergy to soybean and phenyl ketoneuria, a hereditary disease that causes the accumulation of vinyl alanine in body fluids and causing In the mental retardation, stressing that it requires avoiding foods rich in phenylalanine, such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, cheese, legumes and dairy cows. Thank you visitors of the day to browse our website and in case you have any query regarding this news Badran Affirms that chalk negatively affects children in the classroom Please let us know or leave a comment below
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