Baglietto and Vitale, figures in the first night of Cosquín – 100 Festival Nights

The Cosquín Folklore Festival began this Saturday with the stellar presentation of Lito Vitale and Juan Carlos Baglietto, within the framework of an event that will last until January 30.

The event can be followed by Public TV or on the official website of the festival:

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On the first evening, the doors of the Plaza Próspero Molina opened at 8:00 p.m. to receive the entire public, with a prior control where the vaccination card was checked at the entrance.

On the opening day, the presence of Jorge Rojas was scheduled, which was finally rescheduled for Wednesday the 26th after learning that he is Covid positive. For the same reason, Jairo left the festival.

“I am very well, isolated, but there is less to go. I have passed it without any problem, I have been totally asymptomatic, bored and very angry for not being able to go to Cosquín to sing,” Jairo told chain 3.

Baglietto and Vitale reviewed the best of their repertoire in their presentation.

Juan Fuentes from Salta also appeared on stage at the Argentine folk festival, with his new material as a soloist, “Es con mi voz”.

On this Saturday’s evening, artists such as Ofelia Leiva, Cuarteto Karé, and Martín Paz stood out on the grid.

Sofía Assis (Winner PreCosquín 2022 in the Vocal Soloist category) also left her music and Santa Cruz passed in the classic “Postales de Provincia”.

It should be noted that there are testing and vaccination centers on the property.

Vaccination card controls at the entrance to Plaza Próspero Molina.

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the complete grid

Sunday 23

Los Nocheros, Roxana Carabajal, Los Tekis. Millacura Sur (Winners PreCosquín 2022 Unpublished theme). Provincial postcards: Misiones.

Monday 24

Adrián Maggi, Facundo Toro together with Nacho and Daniel for their show “Nombradores del Alba”, Chaqueño Palavecino, Marité Berbel and the Berbel Duo.

Tuesday 25

Víctor Heredia, Nahuel Pennisi, Lucía Ceresani and Abel Pintos. Postales de Provincia, Yrembé (Winners Pre Cosquín 2022 Instrumental Ensemble). Province postcards: Santiago del Estero.

Wednesday 26

Luciano Pereyra, Flor Paz, Ahyre, Jorge Rojas, Flor Paz, Gabriel Macías. Mangia-Virasoro (Winners Pre Cosquín 2022 Stylized Dance Couple), Ramiro Cabral and Valentín Benítez (Winners Pre Cosquín 2022 Vocal Duo)

Thursday 27

Pedro Aznar, Soledad, Destination San Javier. Luciano Ciganda (Winner Pre Cosquín 2022 Vocal Soloist), Mavi Díaz & Las Folkies, Juan Moreira (Winners Pre Cosquín 2022 Malambo Ensemble). Province postcards: Santa Fe.

Friday 28

Los Manseros Santiagueños, Mariana Carrizo, Free Reins (Peteco and Homero Carabajal together with Martina Ullrich), Raly Barrionuevo, Tres Cuartos Vocal (Winners Pre Cosquín 2022 Vocal Ensemble), Fabián Serna (Winner Pre Cosquín 2022 Soloist from Malambo), Laura Molina (Winner Pre Cosquín 2022 Instrumental soloist).

Saturday 29

Consecrated Cosquín: Orellana Lucca, La Bruja Salguero, El Indio Lucio Rojas, Leandro Lovato, Emiliano Zerbini, La Callejera, Postcards from the Province: Río Negro. Duartango (Ballet winner Pre Cosquín).

Sunday 30

Duo Coplanacu, Yamila Cafrune, Los Alonsitos, Sergio Galleguillo, Facundo Toro, Los Trajinantes. Province postcards: La Rioja.


Tickets range from $1,300 to $5,400, depending on location and days. They can be purchased through PaseShow or at the Cosquín Tourist Office.