Bahauddin Mohamed laments Haitham Zaki poem .. This is what he wrote


08:00 AM

Friday 08 November 2019

Cairo – Masrawy:

The great lyricist Bahaa El-Din Mohamed, through his personal Instagram account, published a blog post of poetry written in the lament of Haitham Ahmed Zaki.

The poet Bahaa El-Din Mohamed wrote:

I mean your inheritance was the hearts of love you and your father .. Rohtlh?! .. Ok Secretariat says that it is still alive .. And your death, my son ache people and they saw you farewell .. Malik or how? You should even silence like your father. "

Haitham Ahmed Zaki died at dawn on Thursday at his home in Sheikh Zayed. His funeral was held at the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque, where a large number of art stars attended.

The funeral of Haitham Ahmed Zaki is scheduled to be held on Saturday evening at the police mosque in Sheikh Zayed.

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