Baisha: “Sports + Education” – Rock Climbing Champion Enters Campus to Encourage Students with Struggle Spirit-News

On May 8, the “Baisha · Home Country Cup” Hangzhou Asian Games National Rock Climbing Training Team Speed ​​Group Trials held in Baisha County Cultural and Sports Center, Hainan successfully came to a close. On the afternoon of May 9, the residual temperature of the event has not faded. In order to further carry forward the spirit of rock climbing and climb the peak, popularize and promote sports, under the organization and coordination of the County Tourism and Culture Bureau, it is jointly organized with the County Education Bureau, including National rock climbing team coach and speed climbing grand slam winner Zhong Qixin, rock climbers Cao Long and Zhang Liang who surpassed the current world record in this trial, and Hainan rock climber Yang Xuebian and many other national rock climbing team representatives entered the county. In the middle school, interact with the teachers and students here, and bring love gifts such as football, basketball and notebooks that condense the love of the national rock climbing team. Relevant persons in charge of the County Tourism and Culture Bureau and other departments participated in the event.

It is understood that in the just-concluded “Baisha · Homeland Cup” 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games National Rock Climbing Training Team Speed ​​Group Trials, 32 athletes signed up for the Hangzhou Asian Games National Rock Climbing Training places. The staff learned that the current world record is 5.17 seconds, and in this trial, Zhang Liang climbed out of 5.13 seconds, and Cao Long’s score was even more exaggerated. His best time was fixed at 5.08 seconds! This is an incredible achievement that surpasses the world record.

In the campus activity that day, Zhong Qixin introduced the origins, rules, benefits, records and other knowledge of rock climbing to the teachers and students in detail; in the “Baisha · Home Country Cup” Hangzhou Asian Games National Rock Climbing Training Team Speed ​​Group Trial, he won the personal best. Cao Long, a rock climbing player who has achieved good results and surpassed the current world record with a score of 5.08 seconds, described to the teachers and students the mental journey of achieving good results; and the hard work it takes to achieve good results. Their speeches all revealed that in order to achieve success, they must show perseverance that is different from ordinary people, and must have the spirit of uncompromising and perseverance to climb the peak.

“What’s the way to become a rock climber?” “What is your best result?” “How many rock climbing championships have you won?”… In the interactive part of the activity, the children of the National Middle School brought their children with The evil child voice actively asked questions about rock climbing knowledge and other aspects, and the members of the national team answered patiently one by one, and the atmosphere of the venue was relaxed and happy.

Cao Long and Zhang Liang told the staff that they were very happy to have achieved their personal best in Baisha this time, surpassed the world record, and were successfully shortlisted for the Hangzhou Asian Games National Rock Climbing Training Team. They believe that Baisha has a superior ecological environment, fresh and pleasant air, complete training venues and facilities, and various training safeguards are in place, making it very suitable for training and competition. Next, they will continue to train hard and strive to win glory for the country in future competitions.

In recent years, Baisha has actively planned “tourism +” articles, and played a “combination boxing” of “tourism + sports”, “sports + ecology”, “sports + education”, opening up the ecological environment to attract people, ecological industry to retain people, A new aspect of gathering people in livable cities. Today, Baisha people in the new era are in high spirits, and they are drawing up the new development strategy of “three districts, one place and one garden” with a high-spirited fighting attitude, and are moving towards the ideals of “tourism +”, “sports +”, “ecology +” and “health care +” The blueprint is taking big strides. The person in charge of the County Tourism and Culture Bureau said that in the later period, according to the requirements of the “Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education to Promote the Healthy Development of Young People” and the “National Fitness Implementation Plan (2021-2025)”, Baisha will make full use of ecological resources and hardware facilities. Establish a good communication model with the school, further deepen the integration of sports and education, invite athletes to the campus to carry out activities, and actively promote outdoor sports into the classroom; invite students to the training base to visit, study, and train, enhance students’ interest and enthusiasm for sports, and improve their physical fitness. quality, promote the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise, and promote the healthy growth of youth.

Original title: Baisha: “Sports + Education” – Rock Climbing Champions Enter the Campus to Encourage Students with Struggle Spirit

Responsible editor: Ma Yuqin