Baixas / Friday November 5: conference and presentation by its author, René Moliner, of the 3rd volume to be published of the memories of the village, “D’Or et de sang”

– “The third volume of “Memories of my village” will appear after two and a half gestation under the title “Of gold and blood”. His author, René Moliner, will present this new work devoted to the contemporary history of Baixas at the end of an illustrated conference that he will give shortly on the theme of “Baixas, a Roussillon village facing the phylloxera”, Friday November 5 at 4.30 p.m. in Baixas – Jordi room (Château les Pins). This book can already be reserved with the author (tel. 04 68 64 61 73) or at the Maison de la Presse in Baixas- Place de la République

Dedicated to the period from the end of 1907 to 1919, “Of gold and blood” opens with the efforts of the winegrowers of Baixas to organize themselves within the General Confederation of Winegrowers of the Midi and to recover from the slump crisis which led them to declare the tax strike and then to join forces with the spring revolt of 1907. The gradual return to prosperity accompanied the modernization of their village, which between 1908 and 1911 benefited from electricity, water supply and a railway line to Rivesaltes.

The traditional rivalries of the people of Baixas are not, however, appeased; they are even sharpened by the transfer of property from the parish to the municipality following the separation law of 1905, the rise of the far-left current, the conflict between the municipality and the socialist teachers, the politicization of projects of wine cooperative.

The 1914-1918 war put a damper on the social, political and ideological clashes of the inhabitants of Baixas. And the chronicle of the daily life of the town turns into a collection of the death, suffering and heroism of its soldiers. However, while the hostilities continue, as the deaths and disappearances overwhelm the families, the injuries and the capture of their own worry them, and the actions of solidarity replace the times of festivities, life resumes in the village, supported, despite supply difficulties, insufficient labor, shortage of foodstuffs, by raising the selling price of wine to levels long forgotten

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But the exaltation of the past victory, the ideological antagonisms resurface in the village, accentuated by the human and demographic traumas of the war, which will facilitate for the first time the accession of the socialists to the head of the municipality.

This book, rich in anecdotes on the life of the Baixanencs at the beginning of the 20th century, specifies in particular the circumstances of the disappearance of the 118 children of Baixas who died for France as well as the conditions of the capture of the thirty-two Baixanenc soldiers taken prisoner in France. during the Great War. It also summarizes the journey through the armies of the 540 men mobilized between 1914 and 1918.

Memories of my village: Of gold and blood, 543 pages, 20 € .

Gilles Foxonet, mayor and the partner Municipality, invite you to participate in this illustrated conference and presentation of this new book, Friday November 5, Jordi room located at N ° 1 Boulevard de la République.