Baja California will be in yellow in December, authorities say


Tijuana Baja California.- Everything indicates that Baja California will enter a yellow epidemiological traffic light in December, confirmed the head of the Baja California Health Secretariat, Adrián Medina Amarillas.

The state official said that during the Christmas season the health sector, in coordination with the Coepris, will monitor the capacity precisely to avoid an increase in the number of confirmed and active cases of covid-19.

“In order to have the best possible control during this time where mobility, celebration and the economic aspect will also increase, we are going to take the necessary measures, aware of our health responsibility so as not to put our community at risk. We are going to have the capacity according to the traffic light that we have at that time, everything indicates that in December we will be at a yellow traffic light ”, indicated Medina Amarillas.

The head of the Ministry of Health asserted that by changing the color traffic light open an increase in capacity, he said it would be 75 percent.

With information from: Carolina Vazquez